How To Find And Buy A Mobile Home On Acreage

May 20, 2019Blog, Buying a mobile home

As mobile homes become more popular, there is more and more buying option available to you. You could even buy a house together with the land on which it is parked. This can be the perfect choice if you want more control over your property.

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To help you get started, here is our guide to finding and buying a mobile home on acreage. Before we get to the different steps, we will look at the benefits of purchasing land with your house.

Buying a mobile home on acreage vs. standalone:

Most of the time, people buy freestanding mobile homes. You can purchase one directly from the supplier or manufacturer. It’s then up to you to decide on a lot to park the house. Some opt to put theirs in a mobile home park.

Alternatively, you can buy a house together with the lot on which it is already parked. This will usually be used homes, but you could possibly find an owner who wants to sell a new home in this way.

But why will you want to consider this?

Three key benefits of buying a mobile home on acreage:

  • Security: You can get much more protection from buying a house with a lot. When you are renting the land, you will always be dependent on the owner of the property. But now, it will be in your hands. That’s why it can be a much more comfortable long term solution.
  • Freedom: One of the best parts is that you will have far more freedom to do what you want with the property. Landlords typically impose strict rules on their tenants. Depending on where the land is, you should have much more leeway.
  • Space: You usually get more land if you are buying a home on acreage then you would with a rented lot. Just think of what you can achieve with all your outdoor space!

1. List of priorities

Once you have decided that you want to buy a home, you can daydream for a bit. Sit down with your family and talk about what you are looking for in a mobile home and acreage.

Separate this into your needs and your wishes. Take this list along when you visit the homes so that you can see if they check all the boxes.

Also, figure out what you are looking for in a neighborhood.

2. Budget

Next, you need to tackle that all-important question of money. Calculate how much you can and want to spend on the property. You should decide whether you can buy it in cash or need financing to help you out.

Person holding a phone with the calculator app

3. Searching

Now you have all the information, you can start looking for homes to go visit. Today, there are hundreds of online sites where people can list properties on sale. This will probably be one of your most essential tools to find the house you want.

But don’t forget about newspapers and local printed listings. Use all the avenues that are available to you.

4. Ask your realtor

It might be time to call for reinforcements. Real estate agents usually don’t get involved in selling freestanding mobile homes. But they more often get involved when the house is sold with acreage.  This is much more like traditional real estate.

Use everything at your disposal to find your dream property. Contact realtors in the area and let them know exactly what you are looking for. This can be an effective way to find the right home.

5. Narrowing

By this stage, you will probably know about a few homes that you are interested in. So it’s time to go visit the locations.

Take a friend or family member along and check for all the features you want.

If you’re struggling to make a choice compare the different options to each other. You should soon be able to compile a short list from which you can pick the perfect property.

6. Financing

In most cases, you will only be able to get a personal loan for a manufactured house. But when you are buying a mobile home on acreage you’re much more likely to get a traditional home loan.

There are several benefits to this. One of which is that you should be protected by more consumer protection laws.

Read here for more information on the different financing options.

7. Inspection

Before you buy any property, you need to have it inspected. This can protect you from buying a home that is not up to code or which has hidden damage.

Broken roof shingles

Because you are buying your home with acreage, you need to have the land inspected as well.

If the inspector finds any faults, these can be vital points in the price negotiations.

8. Seal the deal

Pop the champagne. You are probably ready now to complete the purchase. This is the time to consult your lawyer to help you with the contracts and negotiations.

In the end, you will walk away with a home and land that you can make your own.

Your perfect home

There are plenty of benefits that can come with buying a mobile home on acreage. You now have the freedom to create both the outdoor and indoor space of your dreams.

As exciting as finding your new home can be, the journey is often full of pitfalls. To avoid issues cropping up later, read our guide on what mobile home owners wish they’d known before buying.

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