Mobile Home Life Tips: Hosting The Best New Year’s Eve Party

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New Year’s Eve parties are one of the most fun events of the year, that is until you have to host one. All the planning and decorating leading up to the event can prove to be quite stressful, especially if you’re hosting in a space as small as a mobile home. But you don’t need to cut down on your invitations. There are plenty of effective strategies for preserving space and making guests feel comfortable. Take a look below for our mobile home life tips on how to host the best New Year’s Eve party.

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How to make it a hit

Here are the key elements you’ll need to make your New Year’s Eve party something to remember!

Make sure you get to watch the ball drop

You may as well not have a New Year’s party if you don’t get to watch the ball drop. Make sure your TV is large enough for everyone to see, or borrow a friend’s if yours is too small. In addition to providing a running countdown clock to the new year, the TV will serve as a centerpiece for people to gather around at the party.

Play music

Have a running playlist in the background to ensure there’s never an awkward silence at your party. Consider making a public playlist that partygoers can edit directly from their phone. Try setting up speakers in several corners for maximum coverage.

Set out appetizers and drinks

Appetizers are preferable for a new year’s party as you’ll probably be hosting it after everyone’s had dinner. Set out trays of cheese, crackers and any other finger foods you find appropriate. If you asked people to bring their own alcohol, make sure you have a place where people can store and mix drinks.

Provide noisemakers

Start your new year with a bang by providing your guests noisemakers. Avoid something obnoxious like an air horn or a vuvuzela – think cymbals, kazoos, maracas or cowbells. Store a wide variety of noisemakers in a basket near the front door so guests can choose their own. This adds a personal touch and will serve as a conversation point for guests.

How to preserve space

Entertaining in a mobile home has its challenges. Since you’ll want to ring in the New Year with as many friends as you can, here are few space-saving mobile home life tips for your party!

Spread out the food

Appetizers Place the food and drinks far away from the door if you’re expecting a lot of guests. It will be more difficult for people to enter through the front door if there are crowds blocking the way. If possible, avoid putting all the food and drinks in one location. By spreading these out you’ll have smaller crowds and more movement.

Separate food/appetizers by height

You may end up using every inch of space available on a table or other surface to store your food/drinks. While you should definitely do so if this is your only option, a crowded surface can come off as cluttered and overwhelm your guests. They may not know what to look at first and could even hold up the food line, causing your space to become even more cramped. Place food platters at different heights using objects like overturned glass jars, stacked bowls, sturdy boxes, or cake stands. Just make sure they match the party aesthetic.


Like a window, mirrors create an illusion that makes a small space feel bigger. You probably can’t manufacture this same feeling with a small mirror, though. It’s recommended you hang up one that runs a few feet in both height and width.

Make your trash easy to find

Place a trash can that’s clearly visible in the kitchen so people will know where to throw their garbage. This is especially important if you’ve opted to use plastic silverware/plates/cups to cut down on cleaning. Consider placing a bin in the living room area as well.

Have a space dedicated to coats (and shoes)

Your home is going to look like a gym locker room if you don’t have a dedicated space for coats and shoes. Invest in a coat hanger you can place near the door that people will see immediately upon entering. Consider opening up your room and storing the coats on the bed if you don’t have a hanger. If this is more of a casual get together, make sure you have a basket or storage unit devoted to guests’ shoes.

Small plates

Provide small plates if you’re only serving appetizers. This will not only prevent people from taking too much food but will also save much-need counter space. Depending on what you’re serving, it’s possible you can resort to cups instead of plates.  

Things to avoid

There are plenty of minor mishaps that can ruin your party. Don’t overlook some of these major issues that are easily avoidable.

Excessive noise

Check your mobile home park rules concerning noise after dark. While it’s safe to assume that most people will be up at midnight, you still run the risk of annoying a neighbor or even having the cops called. Set a cut off time for your party to reduce the risk of party stragglers making noise late into the night.

Too many cars

Politely request that your guests carpool to the party if possible. This will allow more room for cars in your driveway and keep people out of your neighbor’s space. Carpooling is also a great idea as it lessens the risk of drunk drivers leaving the home.


Fireworks are in general a bad idea due to their track record of injuries and deaths. If you’re willing to take the risk, make sure you talk with your park manager first to see if such activity is allowed. Light the fireworks away from any buildings in an open area free of trees. Take a look at this guide for other tips on how to stay safe with fireworks.

Stay safe and have a very Happy New Year’s Eve with these mobile home life tips!

Happy New Year Your party will be fun regardless so long as you have the right friends, family, and loved ones by your side. Don’t forget to drink responsibly and assign designated drivers before anyone leaves the home. And most importantly, have fun and don’t overthink it!

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