How To Increase The Value Of A Manufactured Home In A Weekend

Apr 17, 2019Blog, DIY, Manufactured Home Worth

There’s no doubt you have thought about the value of your mobile home at one point, and maybe you’re thinking about it right now. But have you thought about how to increase the value of a manufactured home? And did you know you can increase the value with a few weekend projects?

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Let’s take a look at a few ideas for increasing the value of a manufactured home.

Three weekend projects

We’ll start off with a few of the simplest aesthetic projects. Generally, these specific projects shouldn’t take long to finsh. However, depending on each person’s experience, the amount of time it takes will differ. Be sure to give yourself adequate time, so you can get the job done right!


When it comes to cost-effective ways to increase value, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint. It doesn’t even have to be every room. You can pick one or two rooms to paint, or you can just paint an accent wall. If you are unsure about what color to choose, we suggest going with timeless colors. These would include white, gray, and brown, to name a few. Instead of orange or hot pink, think of more subtle colors, that will go with any style or decor, and not make your house stand out as “outdated.”  

Light fixtures

Remember that chandelier in your dining room that has globes broken, and doesn’t turn on properly? Say goodbye to collected dust, and irritation, because it’s time to get rid of it! Besides, not only will you gain a new light fixture, but you can combine two projects by replacing it and checking your wiring while you’re at it. Ordinarily, if your lights flicker or seem to have a short, it may just be a loose wire or an easy fix like that.

Light bulbs within sconces

Choosing the right kind of lighting isn’t always easy if you’re not sure what fits your house best. Check out this article and learn what each kind of lighting is, and which one is the right one for your manufactured home. For example, think about choosing an energy efficient light that will help cut down on electricity expenses.


Another project includes your cabinets. These days a kitchen isn’t just somewhere that you cook, it’s a statement and a place to show off. That means having a good looking kitchen is a gigantic plus. For the most part, no one has a lot of money sitting around just waiting to be spent on new kitchen cabinets. Subsequently, an easy way to take your kitchen up a notch or few is to re-do the cabinets yourself.

The simplest way to add some spice to your cabinets is to replace the handles and hinges. Your local hardware store will have copious amounts of styles to choose from that can be bought in-store or online. Be sure to get a style that will go with the rest of the house, and not clash with your current cabinets.

Now that we’ve looked at a few projects that can all be done in one weekend, let’s take a look at how to increase the value of a manufactured home with some bigger projects that can be completed one weekend at a time.

Longer weekend projects

If you find yourself having lots of extra weekend time on your hands, we know just what you can do. Take a look at a few of these ideas for projects that will keep you busy all weekend.

Energy efficient windows and doors

Do you notice having to constantly keep your A/C or heat on? Not only does this make you spend more money on your electric bill, but it could lead to your A/C or heating units not having as long a life-span. Now, we don’t mean you have to replace all the windows and doors in your home, because, who has that kind of money? Instead, weatherstripping and caulking around your doors and windows are what we have in mind. This can be a time-consuming project, so don’t expect to finish it an hour!

Make a point with your roof

Tops of pointed house roofs

Generally, it’s just a given that most everyone likes the look of a pitched roof as opposed to flat. Not only does this make your house more attractive, but it’s much more structurally sound. A pitched roof means that water can’t pool and possibly rot the roof. Obviously, this may not be a project that everyone knows how to do, but hiring is always a viable option if that’s the case.

No stress

Now that we know how to increase the value of a manufactured home in a weekend, it’s time to get to work! As a rule, these projects will take everyone a different amount of time, so don’t stress if one takes longer than expected. When you’re done, check out our great ideas for how to stay cool in your mobile home this summer.

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