Handicap Accessible Mobile Homes: How to Do it for Your Home?

There is a sense of freedom in the hunt for the perfect mobile home. This freedom applies to those who have special requirements for handicap accessibility too. Mobile home manufacturers offer a multitude of floorplan options to homeowners.

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And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, most are more than ready to work with you to create a floorplan that best meets your or your loved one’s needs. Handicap accessible home plans are an option!

What to look for in handicap accessible home plans

Before we begin looking at the floorplans available for handicap accessibility, let’s discuss practical features. There are a few we should look out for. Of course, everyone has uniquely different needs. But generally speaking, this list will give you a good place to start.

36″ doorways

Typically, doors are about twenty-three to twenty-seven inches wide. But if you or your loved one require wheelchair access, you’re definitely going to want something with more width. Comfortably, a thirty-two-inch doorway will work.

However, thirty-six inches is a more than adequate comfortable width. You’ll find that most mobile home manufacturers will offer this wide of a doorway for handicap needs.

A wheelchair accessible bathroom

For a bathroom to be optimally wheelchair accessible for you or your loved one, there are a few features you’ll want to have in place.

A thirty-six-inch bathroom door provides for than ample room for getting your wheelchair through the doorway.

Inside the bathroom, you’ll want an ADA approved elongated raised commode installed. This toilet is better suited for the safety, comfort, and functionality of your handicap friendly home.

Additionally, your shower should be an ADA approved roll-in shower. Handrails should be properly placed. That way, you or your loved one can simply and easily roll the wheelchair into the shower. There’s no fumbling around with trying to figure out how to get someone in or out of the shower. This simple straightforward approach makes hygiene care easier for all.

Depending on your handicap accessibility needs, a seat built into the shower is a great idea.

A sink counter low enough for a wheelchair user is also a must. The dimensions must be at a comfortable level for handwashing from their chair.


Generally, handrails (or grab bars) are found in handicap-friendly bathrooms. It’ll give the handicapped individual an extra source of stability and safety. For many, their strength lies in using the arms to lower or hoist themselves up.

There are some who find the handrails useful around the inside entrance to their home. This is helpful depending on whether they wish to transition from one wheelchair to another better suited for indoor use.

Open spaces

Next on our list of features to look for are floor plans with open spaces. Choosing a design with open spaces allows for ease of maneuverability for your wheelchair. No fussing around with trying to make your way around tight spaces with your chair. This makes life easier for both the wheelchair user and the caregiver.

Closeup of wheelchair wheels

Countertop height

Because of a wheelchair user needing to often work from the safety and comfort of their chair, it’s ideal to have countertops brought down to their level. This gives them a greater level of independence to work with their hands if that’s a possibility.

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Handicap accessible home plans for your mobile home

Here we have three handicap accessible home plans for you to consider. If anything, we hope these plans provide a bit of inspiration should you choose to create your own design.

Oak Manor’s model 344

Oak Manor Mobility Home 344 floorplan

Floorplan from Oak Manor

Here we have an Oak Manor design, fitted to accommodate the needs of a handicap homeowner or family member. The utility room, kitchen, dining, and living room carry a very open vibe. This not only gives the illusion of a bigger home, but it makes life easier for those getting around in a wheelchair.

Oak Manor’s model 346

Oak Manor Mobility Home 346 floorplan

Floorplan from Oak Manor

In this lovely singlewide from Oak Manor, you get a home designed to meet many handicap needs. The utility room is easy to access. The master bedroom and bathroom are carefully designed to allow for more than sufficient space for getting around.

Reliable home solutions model DB 3512 HC

Reliable Home Solutions DB 3512 HC floorplan

Floorplan from Reliable Home Solutions

This home features an optional bay window area, with ample space for a wheelchair to maneuver around. As you can see, the floorplan is very open.

There is little room for aggravation when it comes to getting around this home. The door frames provide more than enough room for the convenient entering and exiting of your wheelchair.

Design the perfect mobile home for your needs

Handicap accessible home plans are not just for stick built homes. The options to make your or your loved one’s life easier and efficient are there. You just have to reach out and take hold of the opportunities available to you.

Invariably, mobile homes offer a wonderful opportunity to customize your own handicap accessible home plan. Quality housing at an affordable price is something to be excited about.

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