11 Ways To Turn Your Mobile Home Into An Attractive Buy

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Are you looking for ways to increase your mobile home’s attractiveness? When it comes to selling your mobile home, you want to get the most you can for it.

That’s a good intention. It’s right that you want to get all you can out of your investment. But to get your home noticed, you need to turn it into an attractive buy. 

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Have you considered ways to turn your mobile home into an attractive buy? There are many action steps you can take to spruce up the interior and the exterior of your mobile home. We’re here to guide you along.

11 Ways to turn your mobile home into an attractive buy

Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to showcase 11 different ways to turn your mobile home into an attractive buy. There’s no need to settle on things “as they are.” You can bring your mobile home to a whole new level of attractability in a market full of competitors. 

You want to make your mobile home stand above the rest. And you want to do it without breaking the bank. Below you’ll find a myriad of ways to increasing your mobile home’s attractiveness — or, as some like to say, to increase curb appeal!

1 – Take care of that yard

If applicable, take care of your mobile home’s yard space. Trust us — such an affordable fix will have a big impact in making the sale. A place that looks B-grade will only attract B-grade prices!

Take pride in your mobile home and see to it that all the debris and trash are picked up and hauled away. If you have old appliances or cars lying about, it’s time to get those hauled off too. It’s amazing what a facelift a simple yard cleanup can bring about.

2 – Paint the front door

Has your front door seen better days? If you have a scratched-up or weather-worn front door, a fresh coat of paint will leave an inviting and positive impression on potential buyers. 

After all, the front door is what they’ll first come into contact with upon entering your home. It sets the stage for the rest of your mobile home. 

As you shop around for the right color, take into consideration that a timeless look is best. Stick to neutrals. Or, if the mobile home is being sold with a lot or land, consider the style of the neighborhood as you choose your color.

3 – Wash the exterior

That’s right — a good exterior wash will leave your mobile home looking fresh. Hit up those windows as well as the siding, roof, foundation (or skirting), and gutters. You’ll be surprised at how much grime collects over time. You may never know how dirty your house actually was until after you’ve watched the effects of a good wash!

Don’t underestimate the curb appeal that comes with professional house washing services. 

There’s something to be said about a mobile home that looks put together and clean — especially with mobile homes now looking more “house-like” than ever before. 

4 – Install or spruce up the skirting

Now let’s discuss the skirting! If you don’t have a skirting on your mobile home yet, it’s time to make a positive change in the life of your mobile home. The addition of skirting makes any mobile home more attractive.

How is that?

It hides the tires and the metal chassis. Hiding the underside of your mobile home makes it look more like a regular home. Plus, there’s the added benefit of keeping uninvited creatures from making their home underneath the mobile home. (Who knows what damage they might do underneath your home!)

So go ahead. Explore your skirting options and watch your mobile home’s attractiveness increase.

5 – Add a porch

Another option is to remove those plain old steps and add a porch. A simple porch design with lumber will add to your mobile home’s curb appeal. It’ll give it a more “permanent” look. Consider adding some plants to spruce it up for potential buyers. 

Porches are popular because they provide a shelter —  a place to entertain guests. They also serve a practical purpose for many households in providing a place to leave shoes outside. Additionally, some people like the decorative opportunities provided by a porch.

Hanging rattan chair in open porch

6 – Replace dated fixtures and plates

Switchplates and outlet plates can make a place look dated — and so can light fixtures. Best to look them over and see if they appear up to par. And get a second opinion if you’re concerned that you’re so used to seeing them, you can’t tell if they’re dated!

To give your mobile home an attractive look, it’s best to replace these dated items. As they say, it’s the little things in life. Taking the pains to do something as small as replacing light switchplates could make a significant difference in how your mobile home is perceived by a potential buyer. 

7 – Install window shutters

Let’s go outside and survey the exterior of your mobile home. If you see that window shutters are not part of your home’s exterior design, it’s time to bring them in yourself. The addition of window shutters will help turn your mobile home into an attractive buy. 

Window shutters offer a cozy look, dressing up your home in a welcoming fashion.

8 – Add some cheerful plants

Now let’s look at the addition of cheerful plants. The right plants bring a sense of comfort and style into any atmosphere. A quick run to your home and garden store will bring you face to face with some potted flowers. See how you can dress up your front porch (or even the ground around the mailbox) with plants.

Again, it’s all about the little things in life!

9 – Install a back deck

Installing a back deck will make for an attractive buy! See what it takes to add a simple back deck to your mobile home. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but having some extra space is always welcome. Your potential buyers will dream of kicking back and relaxing in this additional space.

A back deck is just a fantastic addition for hosting or relaxing!

10 – Freshen up the kitchen cabinets

Chipped paint. Scratches. Stains.

Yes, these are the signs of well-loved kitchen cabinets. While your cabinets hold stories of family gatherings, late-night coffee talks, and more, it’s time to give them a fresh coat of paint. Trust us. A potential buyer will see a more attractive kitchen.

Take some time out to sand and paint your cabinets. It could be a great DIY project with positive returns. Remember to stay away from unique colors. Stick to colors that will be pleasing to the general buyer! It’s not about reflecting your unique tastes. But it is about giving your potential buyer an opportunity to see themselves in your home.

11 – Replace the carpet

To be sure, carpet replacement is a good idea if yours is looking mangled, stained, and tattered. There are many flooring options out there, ranging from carpet to laminate flooring. Consider durability and budget in finding the balance of a perfect fit. 

If your carpet is not looking its best, it will be difficult for your potential buyer to see your home as the jewel that it is. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer.

Clean carpeted room

Connect with your ideal buyer

Once you’ve spruced up your home, now what? Let’s look at ways to connect with your ideal mobile home buyer. How do you garner the attention of the home buying market? 

Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you tackle just that issue.

Newspaper classifieds

Consider posting an advertisement in your newspaper’s classifieds section. If you’re hoping to reach an older demographic, this will be a good place to advertise. Call up your local paper and ask about their options for a classifieds submission. Some may permit photo submissions so ask about their pricing options and consider whether it’s a good investment for you.

Online listings

For another way to reach people, consider online listings. You can find several options on social media or on popular classifieds sites to advertise your home to your local audience. 

As you determine the content of your listing (whether online or in print), make note of the key points that a buyer should know about your house. This will help you keep your ad to the point (and perhaps save you money on “cost per word” listings). Having the core points in front of you will provide guidance on what to delete and what to leave if you have to whittle down your listing’s length. 

Real estate agents

You could also enlist the aid of a real estate agent. A real estate agent is well-networked and can get your property posted on a multiple listing service (MLS). Your home will be out there for many to see, but don’t forget that there is a price to pay. Count the cost, crunch some numbers, and see if it’s worth the investment to leverage such help. 

Additionally, take the time to look for reviews and testimonials related to the real estate agent of your choice — before you commit to working with anyone. 

For sale by owner

And finally, check out the “for sale by owner” option. This can entail the newspaper classifieds and online listings mentioned above, with the addition of advertising on the premise of your mobile home’s property. Put up a yard sign. A common problem with for sale by owner signs is that the print is hard to read from the curb. Ensure that your sign displays good penmanship and that it’s text is big enough to be read. At the same time, try to avoid creating an obnoxious sign that becomes a nuisance or eyesore for your neighbors. 

If you’re part of a home owner’s association or park, be sure to check if there are any policies about roadside signage.

When your mobile home is past flipping

But what do you do if you can’t turn your mobile home into an attractive buy? What do you do if your mobile home is well past flipping? If you’ve crunched some numbers and found that sprucing up your mobile home for a sale won’t provide a good return on your investment or that it’s beyond repairs and not in a livable condition, this section is for you. 

Say hello to demolition

First on our list of options is demolition. If your mobile home is past flipping but it has to go, you can bring demolition experts onto the scene. 

It’ll cost you around $3,000 to demolish a mobile home, depending on the size and weight. Demolition is typically quick, taking only a few hours to complete. You may have to seek out permits to get the job done. And be sure that you’re working with a solid contractor. 

Yellow construction vehicle

Donate it to the fire department

As an alternative to hiring demolition experts, you could check out what’s involved in donating your mobile home to your local fire department for one last hurrah! Some fire departments will be able to set a home on fire and use it for training days.

You’ll be glad to see your mobile home going out for a good cause. Make sure all the details are ironed out — who’s picking up the leftovers after it’s used for training? You or the fire department? Are any permits required? Who’s taking charge of that?

Make some money off the scrap

Finally, consider scrapping your mobile home and making money off the parts! This is a labor-intensive option so it may not be for you. 

Scrapping can be expensive as it could demand many hands to get the job done. You’ll be mining for materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. The rest would be hauled off to the landfill. Make sure you’ve estimated and found that the cost of scrap will cover the cost of getting the job done — and give you money to talk away with. 

Watch your mobile home transform

As you turn your mobile home into an attractive buy, you’ll see it transform.

You can be proud of your hard work and excited about the potential buyers who come through. The right one may be just around the corner.

And if you’ve decided that one thing your mobile home definitely needs in new skirting, check out our DIY on how to install it!

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