You can sell your 1993 mobile home

You can sell your 1993 mobile home

If you have a 1993 mobile home for sale and can’t seem to get it sold, there may be several reasons for your lack of success. Many of these reasons are covered throughout this site and do not need to be repeated here. However, one reason in particular, should be stated again and again, because people often ignore the fact that their selling price is the number one reason why they still have their mobile home. Sellers often try to sell a 1993 mobile home for the same price as others want for a 1999. I come across this everyday and see homeowners end up losing more money than if they would have just lowered their sales price, in the first place. Let me explain what I mean by this:

Lets say you are trying to sell your 1993 mobile home for $15,000. Lets also say it is a double wide with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. So lets say you put the home up for sale January 1st. Months go by and you get some inquiries. However, you are unwilling to accept their offer for less money. You’ve been putting the home in the paper, at $90 for 2 weeks. You’ve been running ads on Craigslist and paying for advertisement spots on mobile home sites. (This is really the only way you are going to sell your home. If you believe that word of mouth is going to get it sold, you’re mistaken. You probably have a better chance at winning the lotto.) Now, lets break this down, say you’ve paid for only three spots in the paper ($270), and you paid for advertisement spots on mobile home websites (this could be pay-per-click or a percentage of your profit.) For this example’s sake, lets say you spent only $100 on this. So if it takes you only 6 month (rare) to sell your home, and you get full price, you have paid $270 + $100 plus 6 months of lot rent (Average of $350/month). Profit has now become $12,530. You would have been better off listing your sales price for less, and this is being generous. Often, people hold out for so long that they end up getting fed up and practically give the home away, or, often the home will take years to sell. When counting your profit, you must include all expenses, because profit is net and not gross.

The point of this article is to help you sell your 1993 mobile home. After all, this is why you are here. If you truly want to get your home sold you must set your sales price to sell. Of course you’re always going to get more for your home from a private buyer. This is someone who plans to live in the home and sees it, not only as an investment, but also as a fulfillment of a physical need. This is going to be your best options for maximum profit. However, it comes with a cost (as described above) and doesn’t guarantee results.

Your other option would be to sell your mobile home to a broker. This is where we come in. We purchase homes all the time and are currently seeking 1993 mobile homes. We would be happy to give you an instant offer, delivered immediately to your email. You can get your estimate now, by giving us a little information about your home. Just answer a few (non personal) questions, and you can start right now by clicking the “Get Instant Offer” tab above.


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