Your beautiful home is about to be completed with a porch. You’re excited because it’s not just any porch. As a matter of fact, it’s a mobile home wrap around porch. Not a little thing with room for only two chairs, but an expansive porch. Perfect for grilling out, eating out, entertaining, spending long summer afternoons, and maybe even camping out. That is if you have young kids.

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You’re ready to dive in and make your porch a beautiful part of your home, so we’ve got some wrap around porch ideas for you.

The big picture look: wrap around porch furniture ideas

Here where we’ll tackle stuff like posts, columns, railings, and spindles. The choices you make in this department are likely staying for a while. Simply because while you can swap out other design elements like flower pots and chairs, it’s kind of hard to swap out porch columns on a whim. Especially if they’re load-bearing. Our advice- give this some thought so that you’re making an informed decision.

Stained wood

This is another great wrap around porch idea. Stained wood can give your front porch a warm, cozy look. But you’ve still got room to personalize by choosing the darkness of your stain. Check out Minwax’s Stains Color Guide to get a feel for all the color options that are out there.

If you know you’re going with stained wood, beef up the log cabin look with log pillars and round spindles and railings. Stain everything and watch as your porch turns into a mountain cabin. Just add pine trees, snow, and bears to make it feel like your dream log cabin hideaway. Okay, maybe don’t add bears. If you really want to get sold on the look and come home dreaming up ways to recreate it, try a short stay here.

stained wood aligned


If you have a sided house and you love the color of your siding, consider extending it to your porch. This will create a cohesive appearance. Instead of a pillar that’s uniform all the way up, try adding siding to make it look like a column. The base of the mobile home wrap around porch should be square and sided with the same color siding as your house. The top half of the pillar should be a fraction of the size of the base and should be white (painted or vinyl).

Fill in the space in between these columns with white railings and white spindles. Top off the look with porch rail planters filled with flowers in your favorite bright color.

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Inspiring Wrap-around Porch Ideas for Double Wide and Single Wide Mobile Homes

Designing an inviting wrap-around porch for your double wide or single wide mobile home offers endless possibilities for enhancing your outdoor living space. Here are some captivating ideas to consider:

The Classic Charm:

Embrace a timeless aesthetic with a wrap-around porch featuring traditional elements such as white railings, decorative columns, and a gable roof. Add a porch swing or rocking chairs for a cozy touch, and adorn the space with hanging flower baskets or potted plants.

Rustic Retreat:

Create a rustic oasis by incorporating natural elements. Consider using weathered wood for the porch flooring and railings, complemented by stone accents. Add a pergola or awning for shade, and decorate the space with lanterns, rustic furniture, and comfortable seating options.

Modern Minimalism:

Opt for a sleek and contemporary design with clean lines and minimalistic features. Choose neutral colors for the porch, such as gray or black, and use metal or glass for railings. Install built-in seating or minimalist furniture to maintain the uncluttered look, and consider integrating outdoor lighting fixtures for an elegant touch.

Coastal Retreat:

Capture the essence of coastal living with a wrap-around porch that exudes relaxation. Use light-colored decking materials and white railings for a beachy vibe. Incorporate nautical-themed decor, such as striped cushions, marine-inspired artwork, and seashells. Install a ceiling fan to create a cool breeze on warm summer days.

Garden Oasis:

Transform your porch into a lush green sanctuary by integrating a variety of plants and flowers. Consider adding planter boxes or vertical gardens along the railing. Install a pergola for climbing vines and create a shaded area with comfortable seating. Incorporate hanging baskets and decorative garden accents to complete the tranquil ambiance.

Remember, regardless of the design you choose, ensure that your wrap-around porch adheres to local building codes and regulations. It’s also essential to consider the size and layout of your mobile home to create a seamless integration between the porch and the main structure.

By exploring these ideas, you can create a beautiful and functional wrap-around porch that enhances the aesthetic appeal and livability of your double wide or single wide mobile home.

There is beauty in the details

The big picture look of your porch is important because it’s a bit more difficult to change as the fancy strikes. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the details like furniture and decor. Now that you’ve got the structure nailed down, we want to share some wrap around porch ideas that will make the place reflect your sense of style.


Flags can really brighten up a mobile home wrap around porch. Grab some flag brackets from your closest home improvement store. And not just 1 or 2. Get enough to keep the flags waving all the way around your wrap around porch. Since you’ve got a wrap around, why not decorate the whole way around?

patriotic bunting flag outdoors

Go for seasonal flags so you can enjoy the difference in decor as the seasons change – just as long as you enjoy swapping your flags out from time to time. Or, take the guesswork out of choosing a flag and opt for Old Glory. It will make a stunning display circling your entire house. Just remember to illuminate it at night according to §174 of the Flag Code. But if you want to go with a flag that reflects your interests or hobbies, check out all the flags here to take inventory of your options.

Wrap around porch ideas for conversation areas

Since you’ve got a lot more space with your wrap around than some porches provide, make the most of it by creating several different conversation areas. That way you and/or your company can migrate around the porch. Keep in mind that some spots may get alternately sunny and shady. Snag some used wicker chairs at a garage sale or flea market. Perhaps purchase a teak furniture set and create an area that’s full of green plants.

Try ferns in natural-looking planters. In another area, place colorful flowers in planters designed for porch railings. Make seating arrangements with antiqued wooden rocking chairs.

Need more fun options?

We hope you liked these wrap around porch ideas. But if you need just a tad more inspiration, check out and adopt some of our other porch ideas here. Above all, make the place warm and welcoming. You and your friends will love to spend quiet afternoons and cool evenings out there making new memories. Make the space relaxing so you can enjoy great conversations or just companionable silence.

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