Why Buy A Mobile Home? | The Top 5 Reasons People Purchase A Manufactured Home

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Why buy a mobile home when there are other housing options on the market? Today we’re bringing you the top five reasons people choose to buy a mobile home. After you read these reasons, it should come as no surprise why the mobile home is gaining traction as a great housing alternative.

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So without further delay, let’s move forward.

Why buy a mobile home: top five reasons

If you’re still sitting on the fence about mobile homes, we’re hoping this article will provide some clear direction in your decision-making. Settle the score, if you will.

Reason #1 people purchase a manufactured home: affordability

As you wonder why buy a mobile home, the first reason you should consider is the affordability aspect. With a mobile home, you get way more bang for your buck than you would with a stick built home.

For twenty thousand dollars, you can own a comfortable mobile home and be moved in within a couple weeks if not sooner. And if you’re renting, you can get a better bargain with a mobile home than you would with an apartment. That’s where we move on to reason number two.

Reason #2 people purchase a manufactured home: better than an apartment

Here’s what we love about the mobile home. It’s not just affordable, it’s also a better deal than an apartment.

And here’s why.

In an apartment, you have little breathing room and thin walls between you and your neighbors around, below, and above you. And you’re paying just as much for rent (if not more) than you would for a mobile home.

But with a mobile home, you get some space between you and the rest of the world and a yard for you, your family, or pets to stretch their legs.

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No need to constantly live in fear of waking your neighbors or deal with them disturbing. There’s a good amount of breathing space between mobile homes.

Reason #3 people purchase a manufactured home: customize it the way you like it

Why buy a mobile home? Well, the easy ability to customize your mobile home design is a huge perk.

These homes come in three different types of categories – singlewide, doublewide, and triplewide. Within these categories, mobile home manufacturers offer their customers countless unique designs. But for those who are not able to find the layout that fits their dreams or needs, many of these manufacturers offer to help you come up with your custom layout design.

They’ll work with you to ensure the layout meets regulations for a safe, energy efficient home.

Reason #4 people purchase a manufactured home: more energy efficient than ever

Energy efficiency is a big deal and thanks to HUD code, these manufactured homes are more efficient than ever.

HUD code is a national building code for manufactured homes, which came into law in 1976.

In reality, this code helped mobile homes turn a new leaf. It brought them out of the dingy shabby stigma of dilapidated visual images. It brought them into a new era of quality, well-insulated homes made with energy efficient materials and methods.

And if you want to take energy efficiency a step further, many manufacturers offer special packages that are even more energy efficient. You may spend more money up front, but as time goes by, you’ll see it’s worthwhile. Energy efficiency means less spending on your utility bills, and that’s a win. It can cut back on your home’s footprint on the environment too.

Reason #5 people purchase a manufactured home: quality

Finally, we come to reason number five. Thanks to the Housing and Urban Development’s code for manufactured housing, these homes have evolved into quality housing.

More and more Americans are seeing the great opportunity there is in what is affordable and quality mobile home. Other incentives such as the EnergyStar label encourage manufacturers to go above and beyond in quality.

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Additionally, the quality of these homes is owed in part to the focused attention these homes are given in the factory. Each part of the construction process has a team dedicated to particular tasks. These workers are good at what they do.

So there you have it!

Why buy a mobile home? We hope the five reasons expounded upon above are more than enough in answering your doubts and questions. There’s a lot to love in the idea of purchasing a mobile for your family’s housing needs. Mobiles homes are certainly a desirable housing option.

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