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EZ Homes is currently buying Michigan Mobile homes in the Holland, MI. area. If you are looking to sell your mobile home and have had no success we would be happy to hear from you. Give us a call today @ 810-584-5851 or click the “Get Instant Offer” tab above. By answering the questions we will be able to determine a range for what we would be able to offer you. If you agree with the range given we ask that you give us a call to set up a walk-through. We can usually make the appointment within 24 hours of the time you call. After the walk-through we would be prepared to make our final offer to you.  We in great need of mobile homes in Holland so don’t delay!

How our process works!

If you are looking to sell your mobile home, click below.

sell my mobile home fast Holland

Country Acres Mobile Home Park, A-5904 142nd Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 396-4200

Holiday West Village, 3611 Butternut Drive, Holland, MI 49424 (616) 399-8200

Lakeview Mobile Park, 401 Howard Avenue, Holland, MI 49424 (616) 396-8624

Leisure Estates, 523 Butternut Drive, Holland, MI 49424 (616) 399-2743

Lincoln Estates, 1139 Lincoln Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 (866) 786-5413

Ottogan Mobile Home Estates, 173 Lizbeth Drive, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 772-2761

Waverly Shores Village, 11777 Riley Street, Holland, MI 49424 (616) 786-9111

Willow Park Mobile Homes, 1055 Lincoln Avenue, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 396-1018

Windmill Mobile Home Park, 333 East Lakewood Boulevard, Holland, MI 49424 (616) 392-8101


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