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We buy mobile homes in Carleton, MI

Manufactured Selling Solutions buys mobile homes in the city of Carleton. We buy Michigan mobile homes all across the state.  If you are currently trying to sell your home and you’re just not getting the calls you thought you would, we can help.  We pay cash for mobile homes in the state of Michigan.  For information on our process, click here.

Conventional methods of selling mobile homes, such as window signs and newspapers, are no longer producing the results they once did.  The power of the Internet has changed the game.  About the only resource a seller has anymore is Craigslist, and even this attracts more spammers than potential buyers.

So why would you sell your home to us? Because we can offer you cash for your home immediately.  We will send someone out to your home within 24 – 48 hours for a viewing of your mobile home.  Click on the “Get Cash Now” tab now for a free estimate.

sell my mobile home fast

If you are looking for housing in the city of Carleton, MI. we have made a list of available parks in the area for you below:

Carleton Mobile Home Park, 12500 Jones Street, Carleton, MI 48117   (734) 654-6203

Flat Rock Village, 11150 Telegraph Road, Carleton, MI 48117   (734) 654-6464

Yorkshire Manor, 1205 York Boulevard, Carleton, MI 48117   (734) 654-8800

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