How To Repair A Water Leak Under A Mobile Home

Few things can be as harmful as water damage, especially damage caused by a water leak under a mobile home. Aside from seeing the damage, there are certain telltale signs that could alert you to the problem. If your water bill is higher than normal or you hear water running when nothing is turned on, you may have a leak. Occasionally low water pressure can be indicative of a leak as well. It is important leaks are identified and nipped in the bud to prevent damage to your home.

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When it comes to home repairs, water leaks can seem daunting, but you certainly don’t want to ignore them for any length of time. Read on to discover how you, YES YOU, can repair a leak without even calling in the professionals. It may not be as impossibly baffling as you once thought.

Mobile homes differ from stick built homes distinctly in the realm of plumbing. While most stick built homes have pipes running through walls, the vast majority of mobile homes have the piping in the underbelly of home. The good news is that most leaks are easy to access and repair. The fact that pipes are under the home instead of inside walls means one great benefit: you don’t have to open a wall to fix it!

Why leaks??

Given that most mobile homes house the plumbing underneath, pipes are more exposed to the elements. This means that if pipes are not properly insulated, they can easily freeze or become damaged. Frozen pipes, in turn, can burst and cause leaks. Leaks can also be caused by the settling of the home over the course of time causing shifting and undue pressure on pipes.

Most often, repairs can be done in a few simple steps by the homeowner. Of course, there are times a professional will need to be contacted, but we will help you determine if and when that is the case! Read on to discover how to repair a water leak in your mobile home.

The basics: what you need

Two different kinds of wrenches

  • Water shut off wrench
  • Knife or sharp tool
  • Pipe cutter
  • Pipe and pipe coupling for replacement (use old pipe as reference)

How to repair a water leak under a mobile home

  1. Using your wrench, turn off the water supply valve until there is no water flowing.
  2. Locate the source of your leak; if it is hidden under the insulation, use a knife or box cutters to slice it open to allow access to the pipe.
  3. Pull the pipe away from the insulation and make a clean cut to the damaged portion using your pipe cutter.
  4. Take the portion of the pipe that you cut away to your local hardware store and purchase a new length of pipe and pipe coupling to match. (There’s no shame in asking the clerk to help you match it!)

*For installation be sure both old and new pipe ends are smooth and straight to ensure they fit together easily.*

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  1. Measure the length of pipe needing to be replaced and cut to the desired length.
  2. Slide couplings over each end of the new pipe. Then fit the new section over either end of the old pipe, thus closing the gap and making sure new connections are snug and firmly in place.
  3. Slowly turn the water supply valve back on and check to make sure there are no leaks or strained sections.
  4. Gently ease repaired section back under insulation. Once completely dry, seal the opening in insulation with duct tape.

When to call for help

There will be times when doing it on your own is just too ambitious. At these times you should call a professional to check it out. If you are experiencing a venting problem or suspect a blocked or clogged pipe, look for a trained professional. The source of the problem can be harder to track down. In addition, they can cause a bigger problem than a small leak and it is important to avoid further water damage altogether. Don’t put off calling someone in these cases.


A small leak can lead to a big headache, but there are simple things you can do to decrease the risk of problems. Simple routine maintenance could avert disaster. We’re all used to routine checks on our vehicles. Likewise, taking similar measures for our home can save time and money in costly repairs.

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Know your home! Seriously, get to know the way your mobile home is constructed and gain a basic understanding of materials that are used. This will make things less scary in the event you need to do a quick fix. It will be easier to discover issues and take the necessary steps for repairs.

Time to get cracking!

We hope this makes water leaks under your mobile home less intimidating. With this new knowledge, who knows? Maybe you’ll want to take on some home updates in the future.

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