How To Upgrade Your Ceiling Fixtures (Lights & Fans)

We are quickly approaching the end of the year. By this time you are probably looking for something new to brighten up your days. One way you can do this it by upgrading your ceiling fixtures like your lights and fans.

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Let’s look at the different changes you can make to keep your mobile home in style. Plus we’ll cover some general maintenance and repairs that you can do to update the fixtures.

Is it time to upgrade your mobile home ceiling fixtures?

Upgrading your ceiling fixtures is one of those small changes that can help you make a huge difference. The touch of style can make a significant impact on the whole picture. Unfortunately, changes to these fixtures are one of those projects that we tend to put off.

They are surprisingly easy to overlook.

Look up. Does your ceiling or fan look tarnished or stained? Do the fixtures look outdated? Is it not working like it is supposed to or used to?

If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time to get to work. 

The world of home decor moves fast. Styles change at the blink of an eye, and this includes that of your ceilings and fans. So you know an upgrade is beckoning if a few years have passed since you’ve first installed the fixtures.

These are typically appliances that you will use every single day. That’s why performing the upgrades can improve the way you and your family experience your home.

Besides this, it can add value to the property. Overall, then it can be a great DIY project to do if you are planning to sell your house sometime soon.

The latest trends

For the most part, changes in which fixtures are popular correspond with broader decor schemes. Here are some of the top trends for your ceiling lights and fans:

  • Matte paint is big right now. It can help you add some modern and chic touches to any room.
  • Geometric shapes are still trendy and can make fantastic covers for your fixtures.
  • If you love the bohemian look, wicker shades can be a brilliant and styles choice.
  • Transparent colored glass is in. It can be a fantastic way to add some personal and unique touches to your decor.
  • Minimalist fixtures with clean lines can help you make your home look more contemporary.
  • Pendant lighting is in demand. You can use them to add interesting touches to the room, especially if you install ones at different heights.
  • Rustic metal finishes are also much sought after at the moment. They will work well with industrial and farmhouse styles.
  • To add some luxury, you can use soft gold which is a currently trending.

Ceiling light

Now let’s move on to some of the best upgrades you can make to your lights and fans.

Which upgrades can you make to your ceiling fixtures?

For more extensive upgrades you might want to hire some professional help. This is particularly important if you are planning to make substantial changes to the wiring.

But we know that many of us would prefer to tackle decor projects on our own. Luckily, you should be able to perform all of these upgrades by yourself. They won’t require too much time or effort to complete.

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New shades

The first upgrade we are going to look at is changing the covers for your fixtures. This is an update that is ideal for both lights and fans. And it is a good option with unattractive and utility-focused fixtures.

Overall this is one of the upgrades that require the least effort and skill.

The type of shade that you choose depends on the style that you are trying to create. If you want to make the room more cozy and warm, consider getting a wrapped drum shade. For a bohemian look choose wicker, colored glass, or knitted cover. 

Geometric and wire baskets are perfect for an ultra-modern look.


  1. Turn off the lights or fan at the wall switch and wait for the fan to stop turning and the bulb to cool.
  2. Loosen and remove the thumbscrews securing the old shade.
  3. Take the cover to the hardware or decor store to find a cover that will fit.
  4. Attach the new shade with thumbscrews. If it doesn’t fit securely or snugly, use a glue gun to apply some adhesive to the fittings.

Coat of paint

If you still like the shape of the fixture, all you might have to do is to slap it with a fresh coat of paint. Once again, this is a pretty easy and cheap way to update any of your lights or fans.

You can use this makeover to rejuvenate worn-out colors and facades. But also to hide some minor scratches and bumps.

You can, of course, choose any color of the rainbow. But we recommend that you go for one with a matte finish which is set to be one of the most popular paint trends in 2020. Black is favored at the moment. However, if this is too dark for the rest of your decor, pastel shades will look fantastic too.


  1. Turn off the lights or fan at the wall switch and wait for the fan to stop turning and the bulb to cool.
  2. Next, you need to remove the fixture. Unscrew the light bulb first. Then you can unscrew the rest of the structure.
  3. Disassemble a cardboard box to protect the floor and put the fixture on it. Stick some painter’s tape to the inside of the light socket.
  4. Take some precautions by choosing a well-ventilated room or area. If possible, you can also use a face mask.
  5. To make sure the paint job is as neat as possible, you might want to remove the fan blades and paint them separately. You can do this for any separate parts of any fixture.
  6. Clean all the parts with a cloth and some lukewarm water.
  7. Spray a coat of metal primer on your fixture if necessary. Or else if it is made of lacquered wood, you can gently sand it down with fine-grit paper.
  8. Now, you can start painting the fixture. In this case, we are going to use spray paint. Apply a thin coat to one side and let it dry.
  9. Once it is dry, turn it around and paint the next section. After you have coated the whole thing once repeat the process. Do this at least two or three times.

Replace the fixture 

Making changes to your existing fixtures can be a great option to keep the upgrade low-cost and relatively hassle-free. It can also help you to make your mobile home decor truly unique. But this isn’t always the right choice.

Comfortable sitting room

You can’t salvage everything. If your ceiling or fan is broken or if it is really outdated small changes won’t necessarily be enough. Instead, you might need to replace the entire fixture. You can buy a new one that suits your current taste and decor. 

For this, we are going to look at fixtures whose base are attached to an outlet box or a mounting strap in the outlet box. Most residential ceiling fans and lights are installed in this way. 

A pro tip is to ask someone to help you out. An extra pair of hands will come in handy.

Before you tackle this instead check out this advice for working safely with electrical equipment.


  1. Turn off appliances at the wall switch as well as the relevant switch at the outlet box. However, you need to note that sometimes the different wires might originate in different circuits. So use a circuit tester to make sure it is safe before you start working.
  2. Once it is safe, you can remove the light bulb and cover from the fixture.
  3. Now, you can unscrew the screws and bolts that are securing the base to the outlet box. Besides this, you need to detach the wiring. You can put this down.
  4. Remove the electrical tape from the end of the wires in the outlet box.
  5. Ask someone to hold up the new fixture for you. Then attach the wires to the corresponding wires in the outlet box with wire nuts. Apply some electrical tape over the connection.
  6. Lift the new light or fan to the outlet box. And then use screws to attach it to the box or the mounting strap.
  7. Once this is done, you can put the new light bulbs and shades in place too.
  8. Finally, you can test it to see if everything is working as it should.

Changing the light kit

One way to change the appearance of your ceiling fan is by replacing the pre-installed light kit. This can allow you to use it with a different number of bulbs, different types of bulbs, and so on. That’s why it can be an excellent choice if you want to change the illumination in the room.


  1. Turn of the appliance at the wall switch as well as at the circuit breaker.
  2. Unscrew the light bulbs and remove the existing light kit by loosening the screws that attach it to the fan.
  3. Once again, you can use a circuit tester or voltage detector to make sure the power is disconnected.
  4. Lower the old light kit and disconnect its wiring from those of the fan by removing the wire nuts.
  5. Prepare the new light kit by stripping off a bit of insulation at the end of its wires.
  6. Hold the new fixture up to the fan. Attach the corresponding wires on the kit and fan with a wire nut. Apply some electrical tape to cover the connections.
  7. Mount the lighting kit onto the fan by securing it with screws.
  8. After everything is in place, you can put in new light bulbs and turn on the power to test it.

General repair and maintenance for your ceiling fixtures

Sometimes all your fixtures need are a little bit of love. This can work if the ceiling fan or light fixture isn’t that old or unfashionable. In this case, some basic repairs and maintenance might be in order.

Changing out the light bulbs

A major mistake you can make is to leave any blown light bulbs in your fixtures. It can seriously detract from the aesthetic of a room. But this isn’t the only time you should replace a bulb.

Check out all of your lighting fixtures. Have there been any changes in the quality of the illumination? Has the color or intensity changed at all?

Lamp with lit lightbulb

If this has happened, it is often a surefire sign that they are on their way out. So it might help you to jump the gun and change it before it deteriorates even more.

On top of this, different types of bulbs can have very different effects. For example, brighter white lights are better for workspaces. But warmer and yellowish shades will work better in a more relaxed room like your den or living room.

Clean your fixtures

You might cringe at the answer, but ask yourself when the last time you really cleaned your ceiling fixtures was?

If it has been a while, it’s a good idea to get to it. Here are some cleaning tips for the different materials:

  • Polish stainless steel fixtures with diluted vinegar.
  • Use mild dish soap and lukewarm water for brass fittings.
  • A mixture of 240 ml white vinegar and a tablespoon of salt works well for copper.
  • Get a cloth and some specialized wood cleaner to wipe down any natural wooden fixtures.

Basic troubleshooting

Occasionally, small fixable issues can stop your ceiling fixtures from working. Here are some common causes to check out:

  • Begin by checking the bulb to make sure it hasn’t blown. Replace it with a new bulb to test.
  • Sometimes the bulb might be slightly loose. So unscrew it and screw it in more tightly.
  • Make sure there isn’t any residue on the light socket.
  • The problem might be loose or touching wires in the outlet box or the fixture itself.

Remember to always turn off the power before attempting to do anything with electrical equipment. Of course, if you have no experience working with electricity, it might be better to call your local electrician.

Putting a new spin on things

Updating your ceiling fixtures can be just what you need to bring some life back into your mobile home. It is a guaranteed way to make any room more luxurious. Don’t underestimate the difference it can make.

On top of this, because we use fans and lights on a daily basis, an upgrade can seriously improve you and your family’s quality of life

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