The 2018 Creativity Awards For Unique Ways To Use Mobile Homes

While the Manufactured Housing Association may be the organization that comes to mind when you think of mobile home awards, today we’d like to “hand out” some awards of our own. In this fun article, we bring you something to liven up your day.

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While these may not actually be classified as mobile homes, you’ll still enjoy experiencing the variety of “mobile” living options. Stuck thinking of “mobile” options as boring by default? Get ready to think again.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to our first featured place:

#1. BaseCamp Bonn

Let’s suppose it’s been the dream of your life to sleep in a tent atop a car. Since your parents may have balked at the idea, could be you’re still nurturing the dream. However, you have just never had the opportunity.

Or if you’re an enormous fan of the royal family, you love the idea of decor themed with them in mind. Yet, you simply haven’t had the time to deck your own house out in British array.

A little something for everyone

Maybe your childhood dream was to be an astronaut. Well, you’re not left out either. Another scenario is that you have always been looking for a sleeper car–for the experience. However, you simply haven’t been able to make it happen. Yet.

If these seem like pipe dreams, then we’ll just say reality is about to come to your rescue. Lo and behold, you can actually achieve these dreams, or something close to them.

Enter BaseCamp Bonn.

Mobile home hostel "campground"

Photo credit: The Spruce

BaseCamp Bonn is located in Germany. And it’s the answer to all of the dreams we just talked about. If you’re a fan of unique experiences and an even bigger fan of a place to rest your head at night, you need to take a look at BaseCamp Bonn.

#2 Camper Kart

Now, the idea of downsizing is something many people think of. In fact, you may have considered it yourself at one time or another. Empty nesters may feel the need to move to a smaller dwelling and so many people who are trying to stretch their budget.

But, there’s downsizing and then there’s downsizing. And we think you’ll be hard pressed to find another place quite so small as the one Kevin Cyr’s designed.

This one begs the question: “If it’s a home and it’s mobile, does that make it a “mobile home?” ” We’ll let you decide for yourself. Check out the “Camper Kart” here. Yes, it’s just what it sounds like–part camper, part shopping cart. Even if it’s not actually being used as a domicile, for “mobile homes”, it takes the cake.

However, we are a little curious what kind of tie-downs this place would require if one lived in it. No way you’d want it blowing, or rolling, away with you in it!

#3 Be Coc mobile home

We’re not going to limit ourselves to mobile homes that have been transformed into something unique. Instead, we’re actually going to take a peek at some homes that are unique just by being themselves.

Next up, we turn to a futuristic-looking mobile home that describes this way: “The Be Coc Mobile Home features a bathroom, kitchen, lounge area and uses clean energy, even during non-solar areas. The energy it accumulates daily is stored and can be utilized anywhere and anytime.”

#4 eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht

It’s a boat, it’s a plane, no wait…it’s a mobile home! This mobile home definitely gives the lie to the idea that all mobile homes look boring and similar. Don’t let this one confuse you. dubbed it “The World’s Most Amazing Mobile Home.”

A creative mobile home caravan

Photo credit: GlamGrid

However, if you’re starting to get thrilled about turning this into your next dwelling place, you might want to think again. With a price tag of $3 million, we wouldn’t say this one is exactly affordable.

#5 Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Before we go, here’s one more place to check out. Similar to BaseCamp Bonn, Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel provides you with numerous options for an overnight stay. They’re allowing the tiny house phenomenon to reach beyond homeowners. You don’t have to own one to try it for the night!

Lastly, a bonus!

Finally, we may be biased, but we think our own idea of How To Convert A Room Or Your Entire Mobile Home Into A Library is a creative one, too. Take a peek at it.

Which featured place did you like the most? Which one stuck out to you? If our article is leaving you charged up to do something fun and exciting with your mobile home, check out our Extreme Mobile Home Makeover | Summer Edition!

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