Triple Wide Mobile Home Prices: For Buying Or Selling

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When thinking about making a mobile home purchase, you probably spend a lot of time researching to get the best price deal. Many people go for triple wide mobile homes because of the increased living space. Aside from living area, you should also consider factors like the neighborhood, available amenities, and the age of the home. However, triple wide mobile home prices will ultimately be the top consideration.

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Because it’s made up of more units, the triple wide is transported in separate pieces then assembled at its final destination. Aesthetically, they can be hard to distinguish from inbuilt homes because they are large and have almost the same symmetry. However, the design, size and the price of triple wide mobile homes will vary by manufacturer. Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a triple wide mobile home, these considerations can help you determine a fair price.

How to get accurate triple wide mobile prices

One of the best thing about choosing a mobile home is that you can move it to any destination. But it’s more expensive to relocate a triple wide as compared to a double or single wide. For a triple wide, the cost is a bit higher as the house has three separate units. Additionally, if the move is in different states, then permits will have to be obtained beforehand. Before you take the plunge, consider these tips for finding the best price for you triple wide.

Use NADA Guides

While the local market can affect the selling price of a triple wide, NADA Guides offer a close approximation of the cost of a triple wide. You can also request a book value report which you can view instantly. Mobile home owners who have upgrades such as granite countertops, garages or hardwood floors can also get a value report from the NADA website.

Do your homework

You can get an estimated price of your home by gathering adequate information to help you determine triple wide mobile home prices. Furthermore, doing pricing analysis will also benefit you. Comparing sales from 2 years, one year, a month ago and those currently under construction can help you arrive at the ideal price range.

Here are other ways you can get prices for a triple wide:

Online research


By visiting websites that sell mobile homes, you can get a quote for the triple wide. Also, you can get more information on which houses are the most expensive and why. Try looking at both the interior and exterior to get an idea what features determine the set prices. Ultimately, you have to keep researching until you have enough information before purchasing or selling your home.

Hiring a house appraiser

A certified home appraiser from your community is in a better position to give you triple wide mobile prices if you’re looking to buy one or sell. If you can’t find an appraiser in your community, ask a real estate agent or find one online who can give you a comparative market analysis. However, make sure you hire an accredited appraiser.

Ask other mobile home owners from your community.

When researching through your local community, look for homeowners with triple wide homes. While the age of the house differs, you need to find new or recently bought homes as they will give you prices based on the recent market value. Also, inquire whether they have done any upgrades or remodeling which can alter the price.

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Condition of the home

New and recently constructed mobile homes tend to fetch a higher price as compared to used homes. Additional features and repairs also contribute in determining the end price. Lack of repairs causes the value of the home to depreciate. Besides, a buyer will more likely pay a higher price for a used triple wide home with proper maintenance and a favorable location.

Most manufacturers make triple wide mobile homes with the standard features. However, with new homes, many buyers have the option of customizing and adding other upgrades. The upgrades that you can include are hardwood floors, plumbing fixtures and quality countertops for the kitchen. The renovations and upgrades work to keep mobile homes in good shape which translates to better prices.

The neighborhood

The location of the triple wide is a major factor in determining their price. Desirable amenities that are close to the neighborhood such as ample parking space, parks, good schools, and a nearby shopping center tend to increase the selling price. Even if you stay in an in-demand neighborhood, the price of the mobile house has to be reasonable to attract prospective buyers. Therefore, mobile home sellers should be willing to compromise and settle on a price that is beneficial to both parties involved.

The number of rooms

Square footage is a common factor that can determine the price of a house. However, the number of rooms available in a triple wide home can also play a part. For instance, a home with a large square footage but fewer rooms may be more desirable and cost a higher price. Since triple wides tend to have more than two bedrooms and bathrooms, growing families can purchase these houses at an affordable price.


room improvements

Upgrading different features of a mobile home can improve its value. It’s not just about the interior, enhancing the exterior can make your home turn into a good investment. Some of the remodeling you can do include upgrading the kitchen, painting walls, adding landscape to the outside, and changing the roof. Check out our guide for more ideas. However, before doing any significant changes, survey other mobile homes and see which upgrades will increase the value of your home. Adding the right updates can give you the confidence to ask for higher prices.

Have you found your price point?

Unlike site-built houses, triple wide mobile home prices depreciate with time. However, a triple wide is advantageous for a large family and for those who want to own a big house without spending a lot of money. Also, most of these homes can be customized to fit your preference and needs. Putting in the time and effort to research a triple wide mobile home can be a worthwhile investment to get the most value for your money.

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