Trending Fall Themes For Your Mobile Home & How To Get The Look

Aug 13, 2019Blog, Decorating, DIY

With the fall season in the near future, it’s time to start thinking about creating a fall theme for your mobile home! Seasonal colors, fun fall decor, and traditional autumn scents are the key inspirations that’ll help you put together a theme. Of course, choosing the right theme for your home depends on how well you select individual motifs (like decor pieces) that show off the essence of fall.

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Fall decor in the farmhouse style

You’ve probably heard of the “farmhouse” decor trend by now, but did you know that fall farmhouse decor is also a major trend? In fact, fall may be the best season by far for the farmhouse look. Whether you choose a rustic or modern farmhouse look for your home, there’s a general aesthetic you have to establish in order to achieve this style. Here are a few things you have to have for a fall farmhouse look.

DIY centerpiece

What seasonal meal would be complete without a centerpiece? This DIY centerpiece is short, sweet and to the point with an unmistakable farmhouse vibe. Even better, it makes us think of fall without being too “in-your-face” with its colors and arrangement. 

Chalkboard art

If you’re craftsy, this one’s for you. Chalkboard art has a place in every farmhouse-themed home, and guess what? This type of art is popular during fall as well. It’s a must-have for your farmhouse fall designs.

Winsome farmhouse-style signs

DIY pieces are a good look for farmhouse themes, but there’s another way to get the look you want – take a look at what The Primrose Market has to offer! For example, check out this winsome sign that’ll work in any room of your home: 


Modern fall look

If you’re in favor of more modern fall decor, look no further than a few familiar neutral tones you can turn into fall colors. This doesn’t rule out bright orange and yellow by any means. However, it takes “typical” fall colors and designs and gives them a fresh meaning that you’ll love. Check out what you’ll need to make this design come alive: 

White pumpkins

The modern look isn’t quite right without at least 5 or 6 white pumpkins for your kitchen sideboard, dining table centerpiece, or front porch. Take a look at how central white pumpkins are to the display on this porch: 

As you can see, the white pumpkins aren’t the only ones on display. There are a few that stand out with some added color. 

Front door wreath

A front door wreath is pretty much a requirement for any fall theme, but it’s especially important here because it’s your chance to bring in some color. This modern design is a subtle hint of color that says “Fall!” without drowning out the rest of your decor. Like the pumpkins, this wreath works for indoor and outdoor decorating.

Potted plants

Who doesn’t love a good potted plant? If you’re like most of us, you enjoy a colorful display of flowers – and fall is a great time to put your flowers to use. Mums, zinnias, and different herbs are all guaranteed to help you enjoy fall colors in your home. 

“Halloween” theme – go all out with the bright colors

“Typical” fall colors (like orange, yellow, brown, and black) never fail to create a theme that brings fall alive! They can help create a farmhouse look, they can easily fit into a modern look, or they can be a look of their own, which we’re going to call a “Halloween” theme. Bright colors and gaudy decor are the hallmark of this holiday and oftentimes the fall season, so check out some ways to make it happen in your home. 

DIY candle holders

Using colorful squashes and gourds, you can DIY some simple candle holders to provide lighting for your Halloween display: 

Pumpkin design

Make your pumpkin designs less jack-o-lantern and more chic with new design ideas like these.

Candy jar

This one is especially great if you’re having a Halloween party, but it certainly isn’t limited to party day! It’s cute, colorful, and elegant all at once. 

Choose a trendy theme for your mobile home this fall

Even if you aren’t worried about mobile home design trends the rest of the year, fall is a great time to find a trendy theme that works for you. So, it’s up to you to choose a theme that inspires you and shows off your home design skills. With a little time spent planning and organizing, your home will be looking its best this fall season! 

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