Tips on how to sell a 1990 mobile home

Tips on how to sell a 1990 mobile home

If you have a 1990 mobile home for sale you may want to do a little research to help you get it sold. There are several reasons why mobile homes don’t sell quickly and you can find many of them throughout this site. However, there are very specific reasons for the lack of success, often associated with an older mobile home like a 1990. We will tackle a few of them in this article, however, you can get even more selling tips, here.

One of the main reasons for an unsuccessful sale is that the sales price is set too high. We see this time and time again. Often, the seller cannot give an account for why they are asking what they are. Often, what they are asking for their 1990 mobile home, they couldn’t get for a 1999. They have never researched the market to find the going price for their mobile home. Our suggestion to you, would be, to act as if you are a buyer for a minute. Search for mobile homes for sale with your homes characteristic. Find out what the going rate is and match yours accordingly.

Another trend we see with unsuccessful sales is related to the price. However, it’s more related to a false sense of security in the market. Let me explain what I mean by this. As I drive through mobile home parks, I don’t see a lot of signs in the windows. I don’t find a lot of mobile homes in the classified section of the news paper, and I don’t see them on Craigslist. The natural assumption, for a seller, would be to believe they have a strong position in the market. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are mobile homes for sale, everywhere! We get calls and emails everyday from people trying to sell their mobile home. Often, they are at the end of their rope with the sales process. It’s not that they aren’t talking to people (if they are marketing their home correctly), the problem is that they have a 1990 mobile home and they’re trying to compete with a 2000 or newer. So, when a buyer offers you less than your sales price, take some time to consider the offer. Don’t immediately get offended and deny the offer. You could come to regret your decision once you realize your true position in the housing market.

Is your 1990 mobile home one of the newer homes in the park? This can cause blocks in your sales process as well. Sellers are often looking for mobile homes in newer, more updated, parks. If they can find a 1990 mobile home in a newer park, where there home will be one of the older homes in the park, it is to their advantage. The rule of thumb, when purchasing housing, is to buy the worst (in this case, oldest) home in the best neighborhood possible. This increases your resell chances and increases the value of the mobile home. You never want to buy the best home (again, in this case, newest) in the worst neighborhood. It’s just not a good investment.

So, if you have a 1990 and your are trying to sell your home, take these things into account. They are all going to have an effect on your sales price.

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