The Benefits Of Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes | A Quick Guide

Manufactured Quadruple Wide Home

Mobile homes also known as manufactured or modular homes are factory built houses that are then transported and set up on site. The houses are engineered and made according to the federal building code specifications of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These houses are strong, durable and extremely beautiful. A custom home can be made in many designs and floor plans ranging anywhere from 500 to 3300 square feet. One can have a single or a multi-section mobile home depending on their taste, requirements and money.

Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes are the latest trend in the real estate industry. These massive homes are built to accommodate modern features such as media rooms with surround system, spacious rooms especially master suites and of course a huge island kitchen for entertaining guests. The houses come from the factory with a built-in porch and other top-notch comfort features.

Perks associated with these homes quadruple wide mobile homes


Because the house is built in a factory within a few days, much of overhead costs like labor and transport are saved. There are only a few companies that make Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes meaning they are given great deals on materials, appliances and interior features. Building a house on site costs a lot of money because it takes more time, more people and more expensive materials. The building materials used in manufactured houses are cheap but durable, ensuring money is saved. On top of this, building a huge house divided into many sections uses the same labor and time as constructing a small house and the cost differs by a small amount. However, the big house has more value and better features.

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Better Quality

Modular houses are built in a controlled factory setting, meaning every part is protected from weather damage, vandalism, water and other natural hazards. The companies that build Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes use advanced engineering in construction to ensure the home is of better quality than houses built on-site. The technicians, craftsmen and assemblers are highly trained and supervised during the construction. Modular homes also go through at least 35 inspections to ensure they meet quality standards. Because of the transport and shipping factor, modular homes are made with more material than onsite buildings. This is to enhance strength and stability so the home does not crumble as it’s being shipped. The drywall is glued with special adhesive before being screwed to the frame.

Energy Efficiency

The main reason people are opting for Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes is because of the modern ,technologically advanced features. The houses are made with a material that is strong but energy efficient. Unlike stones or wood which tend to get cold in cold climate, this new material keeps the house within room temperatures all the time. Other energy efficient features include vaulted ceilings, large windows and recessed lighting.


Modern Features

Other features available in modular houses are modern kitchens that have massive stainless appliances, solar water heaters and Buy Mobile Home Cantoncustom cabinet applications. There are large family rooms, entertainment and movie centers as well as modern master suites for the owner of the house. Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes come ready with a built-in patio and deck because the modern homeowner likes the outdoors. The main advantage of these houses is space. There are a lot of very spacious rooms including suite bedrooms and extra spa bathrooms for guests. There are others that come with a wood burning fire place.

Quadruple wide manufactured homes have more customization options

Seeing that there are not many companies making huge multi-sectional modular houses, one has to order . The company involved is able to custom-make the house according to the specific needs of the homeowner. There are many designs and floor plans available and one can choose one of them and make some adjustments where needed. Once the client picks a certain plan, the team begins to work on it, order materials, assemble and finish to the required standards.

Time Saving

Building a Quadruple wide home on-site would normally take at least a year if the work is being done every single day. This will translate to more money on labor, wastage of material and damage as a result of weather, water and other factors. This is on top of extreme exhaustion and hassle projects of this nature are expected to cause. The same exact house is built in protected factory setting in just a few weeks or months at most. This method will not only save time and cost but also take plenty of weight off the hands of the individuals involved. A client usually just has to pick the design, floor plan and color. Once the house is finished, the construction company transports it to site and assembles it nicely for occupation. There is no wastage of time, material or money.

Environmentally friendly

Quadruple HomesBuilding a house causes plenty of environmental damage and general wastage(be it water, materials and even exhausting the natural resources). Modular houses are environmental friendly because any materials not used in one home are recycled and used in another house. There is also a lot of water that is spilled on the ground during construction, causing wastage and soil erosion. This is not the case in modular houses because the home is made in a factory and water is recycled. Construction also exposes neighbors to a lot of noise and debris. This is not an issue when the home is built in a factory setting.

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Apart from the size and design of the unit, everything else is basically normal. A Quadruple wide modular house will probably use the same amount of power and water as a smaller onsite house. The home loans, insurance premiums, and taxes are the same for all residential houses including modular ones.

Quadruple Wide Mobile Homes are beautifully made to cater for all the requirements of the modern homeowner.  Modular home companies use Computer Aided Design to scale down and showcase what the finished concept would look like. Just like with any other home, there are loans available for wide mobile homes in lending institutions.

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