Dallas, TX

The Dallas Mobile Home Situation

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in Texas. It is the seat of the Dallas County, and is a part of the Collin, Denton, Rockwall, and Kaufman counties in addition to the Dallas County. Dallas is a powerhouse economically, with an estimated GDP of around $325 billion in 2010. Texas is getting it done economically and soaking up jobs from California, Illinois, and New York.

A Dominating City

The city has as many as 12 Fortune 500 companies using it as headquarters, with a further 8 being located nearby. Some of the top companies operating here are ExxonMobil, AT&T, Nortel Networks, Nokia, Cisco Systems, and Sprint.

Dallas is a sports lover’s paradise – it has something for everyone, be it baseball, football, basketball, or hockey! The Dallas Cowboys (NFL), the Dallas Stars (NHL), the Texas Rangers (MLB), and the Dallas Mavericks (NBA) have Dallas as their home city.

For recreation, there are as many as 400 parks in the city, as well as the Dallas Zoo, which is the largest zoo in the state. The healthcare available in the city is outstanding. Some of the top hospitals in the country, like the Parkland Memorial Hospital, are located here.

Dallas is also an important center for education in the country. The colleges and universities there serve a large part of the southern-central U.S. The highest rated colleges in Dallas are Richland College, Southern Methodist University, and Brookhaven College.

Because of all this, there has been an explosive population growth in the area, leading to a demand for mobile homes in the market.

Selling Your Manufactured Home to EZ Homes LLC

If you have a mobile home in Dallas you need to sell quickly, sell to us. We will buy your home and pay you in cash (usually within 24 hours). We don’t need park approval to buy, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

For maximum profit, you should put up your mobile home on our website, to attract buyers from around the country.

For reference, here’s a list of some of the mobile home parks in the city:

Amber Village Mobile Home Park
13965 Skyfrost Drive, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-4583

Ashcreek Mobile Home Park
1802 Highland Road, Dallas, TX 75228
(214) 327-5103

Beltline Mobile Home Villa
421 West Lawson Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 222-2861

Brookside Village
14900 Lasater Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 557-1182 fax:
(972) 557-5418

Cedar Ridge Mobile Home Park
2307 Cedar Mound Drive, Dallas, TX 75241
(214) 371-9818

Clayton Estates
272 West Lawson Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-6905

Clover Hill Mobile Home Park
15250 Kleberg Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 287-4157

Dallas Mobile Home Park
4010 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 331-2342

Dallas West Mobile Home-Rv Park
400 West Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 748-1538

Glenhaven Mobile Home Park
5500 South R L Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75232
(214) 375-5500

Greenbriar Mobile Home Park
6208 East University Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 943-6069

Hillside Mobile Home Park
14647 Lasater Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 222-2624

Hilltop Mobile Home Park
4811 Hale Street, Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 331-1699

Lakeview Tourist & Trailer Court
8726 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218
(214) 327-9742

Lawson Ridge Mobile Home Park
14281 Lasater Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 222-8118

Love Field Mobile Home Park
2232 Empire Central # D, Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 357-2583

Mobile Home Villa
14770 Lasater Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-8773

Oak Wood Cove Mobile Home Community
14311 Skyfrost Drive, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-0001
fax: (972) 286-9991

Redbird Mobile Home Park
5230 West Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75236
(972) 298-2735

Ridgecrest Mobile Home Park
733 Cliffview Drive, Dallas, TX 75217
(214) 398-1544

Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park
11526 C F Hawn Freeway, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-8586

Shady Heights Trailer Park
4743 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 337-3771

Stark Road Mobile Home Park
1325 East Stark Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 557-1277

Sunset Mobile Home Park
1140 Westmount Avenue, Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 337-8144

Town View Mobile Home Park
1288 North Bagley Street, Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 339-5533

Underwood Mobile Home & Recreational Vehicle Park
10251 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75220
(214) 352-5545

Wildwood Acres Mobile Home Park
13122 C F Hawn Freeway, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-6696

Willow Lake Mobile Home
13223 Fish Road, Dallas, TX 75253
(972) 286-5676

Woodshire Mobile Home Park
4820 Lawnview Avenue, Dallas, TX 75227
(214) 381-4001

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