5 Ways To Get Your Mobile Home Dining Table Ready For Summer Parties

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Say hello to this summer season with summer parties for your friends and family! With a few decor tips and tricks, creating the ultimate summer look for your parties is easy. So, get started with some ideas we’ve gathered for you!

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The center of the fun: your dining room table

What’s the best part of summer parties? The food! And that makes your mobile home dining table the center of the fun. Here are some simple ways to make it look seasonal and perfect. 

#1: Change up your centerpiece

A good way to start getting your table ready for summer is to prepare a new centerpiece. 

Citrus & flower bouquets

Everyone loves flowers in a vase, but you don’t have to stop there! To make your bouquets more exciting (and seasonal) add some citrus to them. For a little citrus flair, start by lining the inside of a large vase with citrus fruits. Then, place a smaller vase inside the large one. Arrange your flowers inside the smaller vase, and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece ready to go! 

Woodsy centerpiece

This one will bring a woodsy feel to your summer decor and only takes a little bit of effort. All you need is a piece of leftover twine, some flowers, and some sticks straight from the woods. After gathering your materials, use your creative side to combine everything into a beautiful centerpiece: 

#2: Try out a cheerful tablecloth

If your table isn’t quite meeting your expectations, a cheery summer tablecloth can make all the difference. Check out some floral patterns like this one. It’s an outdoor tablecloth, which means that it’s waterproof and accommodates an umbrella. Whether your meal is inside or outside, this tablecloth is perfect! Also, we think the pattern looks great:

#3: Invest in some new tableware

It’s not all about the decor: another way to get your table ready for summer parties is to invest in new tableware. Silverware, glasses, plates…we’re talking about a complete overhaul here. 

Summer-themed tumblers

Glass tumblers are a perfect way to drink lemonade, iced tea, soda, or whatever hits the spot on a hot summer day! We especially love this rainbow tumbler that’s versatile enough for any occasion and will dress up a summer meal:

Pesce dishes

Pesce dishes are beachy, seasonal, and elegant all at once. For example, we love how adorable these Pesce plates and bowls are:

Many people prefer a beachy theme for their mobile home during the summertime, and if you’re one of them, these dishes are definitely a good idea. Even better, Pesce tableware can go with any color scheme if you aren’t into the beachy look. 

Bamboo silverware

For most of us, it’s tempting to use plastic silverware during the summer. While that’s a great idea for some situations, why not do something different this year and try bamboo utensils? It’s a great look for a summer meal, and it’s also much more environmentally conscious. 

#4: Give your table a new look of its own

What about giving your table a brand-new finish or coat of paint? Yes, it’s a bigger project than creating a centerpiece or buying a tablecloth, but it might be worth it! 

A “weathered” look

This kitchen table has a “soft weathered look,” and it not only looks weathered and rustic, but also like a good place for a seasonal meal! 

Revamped card table

This revamped card table is perfect for a summer meal! Whether you’re inside or you’ve taken your meal to the great outdoors, you can sip lemonade comfortably around this colorful table. Moral of the story: if you’ve got a dingy card table sitting around, give it a new coat of paint and get ready to relax in style! 

#5: Small accessories

Want to go all out with your summer designs? Pay some attention to the small accessories, too! 

Cute summer straws

Reusable straws like these are perfect for your summer meals. In addition, they’re environmentally friendly, like the bamboo flatware we mentioned earlier.

Cocktail umbrellas

Make your drink a little prettier with a seasonal cocktail umbrella! You can always buy these adorable tiny umbrellas, but a DIY option isn’t a bad idea either. That way, you can customize your cocktails even more! 


Napkins with summer prints are about as fun as it gets. Try something like this to brighten up your summer party: 

Time to make that summer party happen! 

Now that we’ve talked about some ways to dress up your table for summer, it’s time to make your summer parties happen! No matter what type of decor you choose, what’s most important is that you and your guests enjoy yourselves. So, choose decor and accessories that promote enjoyment first and summer second!

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