Do’s & Don’ts For Mobile Home Spring Cleaning

Mar 20, 2019Blog, DIY, Mobile home life

Keeping your house clean can be hard – especially those out of the way places, like under beds or other furniture, that hardly ever get done. That’s why spring cleaning is such an amazing thing.

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From freshly mopped floors to newly organized file cabinets, spring cleaning is always a great idea. Not only does it get your house clean and organized, but hopefully, it gets you motivated to keep it that way! Let’s take a look at a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to mobile home spring cleaning.

Don’t: try to do it all the cleaning at one time

Nothing is worse than getting stressed out when you work. Trying to get everything done at one time is a sure way to do just that. Instead, make lists of what needs to be done, and setting daily/weekly goals.

For example, give yourself an hour every day to complete a cleaning task. Perhaps you make Monday the day you wash the walls, Tuesday the day you pull out the furniture to sweep and mop under it, and so on. In this case, if you don’t have time to finish the whole thing at one time, your entire house isn’t a disaster, with cleaning supplies everywhere.

In addition to that, start with the dirtiest projects first and get them out of the way. You’ll look forward to cleaning more if you know that every time you finish a project, it only gets easier!

If you feel like taking on most of it in one day, pick a Saturday, and invite your friends over for a cleaning party! Tell them there will be snacks, and assign everyone a room, and tell them what needs to be cleaned. For ideas on what to clean when you’re spring cleaning, check out this checklist. Afterward, not only will your house be clean, but you’ll have had fun with friends at the same time!

Do: finish the job once you’ve started

Have you ever started a job feeling really motivated, and once you stop for a break, don’t feel quite the motivation you did at first? Everyone feels this, but it’s important to finish what you’ve started. If you stop halfway through, the likelihood of it getting done is not very high.

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Sometimes the jobs are hard to finish because you’ve set your goal too high. But cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. So make your cleaning tasks easy to achieve, start your favorite playlist, and set a goal to finish the job before the music stops.

Don’t: overlook the small things

When one thinks of spring cleaning, they may be thinking so big, that they overlook the small things. Even though they’re small, with some TLC, the little things just might be the ones that make the big difference.

You’re not likely to notice how dirty the light switch is until you touch it with a wet hand, and some dirt rubs off.  Grab a cloth, and learn how to clean a light switch effectively. Similarly, baseboards tend to hold a lot of dirt and grime, and you don’t notice it until you wipe them down. All you need is a wet rag and some elbow grease.

In addition to your baseboards, watch out for the ceiling fans you haven’t turned on since last summer. Don’t turn it on until you’ve wiped it with a microfiber cloth. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a dusty surprise! You’ll be amazed at what a difference cleaning these small things makes.

Do: use ventilation

Unless you’re trying to start the Dust Swirl of ‘19, you definitely want to do your cleaning on a day when you can open your windows. Adding fans to your windows is always a great idea, too. Put some fans in the windows blowing in, and others blowing out. This will help circulate the air, getting fresh air in, and dusty air out. In addition to fans, air purifiers are excellent at removing dust, dirt, and other allergens from the air.

Don’t: “store things away”

If your spring cleaning includes decluttering and going through old things, that’s sure to be a big undertaking. Whether it’s an old basement, a shed, or even a cupboard, when you find something you don’t think you want at the moment, get rid of it. In short, instead of putting it in long-term “storage,” throw it away, or donate it.

A pile of folded jeans

Ordinarily, if you haven’t used it in the last six months, it’s not very likely you actually need it. Besides, if you store it away, most likely, you’ll forget about it. Get a cardboard box. Anything that you’re not using can be put into it and brought to a donation center. Next, instead of setting the box somewhere to take “some time later,” stick it in the back of your car and take it right away.

Finishing up

You’ve made it this far, don’t give up on your last few things! Make a quick list of the last couple of things you want to get done and try to accomplish them as quickly as possible. Be sure to celebrate your clean home, and a job well done. Lastly, if you’re not sure what to do to keep you busy this summer, check out this article on mobile home makeovers, and start scheduling your summer for some fun work!

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