Small Mobile Homes: All You Need To Know + Our Best Picks!

Small Mobile Homes

One of the easiest ways to achieve your very own dream home is by sizing down to what is most essential to you. Small mobile homes are a great way to do this because not only will you have the freedom to take your humble abode wherever you please, but you are also inclined to live a more peaceful, minimalist lifestyle due to the limited area. This is not, however, a downside!

There are many ways to make tiny homes function just like the traditional ones, it only takes a few modern tweaks to get going. Moreover, small manufactured homes come with their own set of unique benefits that traditional homeowners may not enjoy.

Below, we discuss more on what you should know about small modular homes and what our best picks are when investing in your own mini mobile home!

3 Best Manufacturers of Small Mobile Homes

Now that you have more in-depth knowledge as to what small mobile homes are all about, it is time to get to know the top 3 best manufacturers in the market. These companies are known to put safety and quality as top priorities while still offering beautiful options for small mobile homes.

#1 Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes has been around since 1977, carrying a long track record of quality mobile homes under its belt. It is one of the most respected and sought-after manufacturers in the nation and offers a great range of modular home design layouts that can be customized as you please.

#2 Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders

Champion Homes is regarded as one of the leading manufactured home companies for decades. They are also one of the largest mobile home builders in North America and they offer a wide range of factory-built housing solutions for homeowners of all sizes.

#3 Karsten Homes

Karsten Homes

Karsten Homes started in 1998 and has maintained its reputation for building high-quality homes with huge value and functional design. The company holds one of the most popular names throughout the manufactured housing industry, with thousands of modular spaces built in varying cities. Karsten Homes has since partnered with Clayton Homes, which has only strengthened its ability to meet the rising demand across the state.

5 Best Small Mobile Home

Looking to invest in small mobile homes from any of the top 3 manufacturers above? We’ve got our top 5 best manufactured mobile homes for you below!

#1 The Loft Home

The Loft Home

The Loft Home is a series of small modular homes that are great for young couples, retired couples, or small families. Its area is a total of 1,140 square feet with a rectangular floor plan. Its features include 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen that sits right in between the living room and dining area.

It has a semi-open floor plan, making it very versatile for those looking for a good mix of privacy and togetherness. This small manufactured home was designed by Palm Harbor Homes.

#2 The River’s Edge Home

The River’s Edge Home

While The Loft Home is great for those who want a stretched-out, rectangular home, The River’s Edge Home is a great alternative for those who prefer symmetrical square properties. It is a series of small modular homes that are only 972 square feet, which delivers a perfect starter home package. It features a combined kitchen and dining area in an open floor plan shared with the living room. Rounding out the space are the master bedroom and second bedroom, paired with a master bathroom and half bath, respectively.

Another great feature of this home is its breezy front porch, which allows you to take in the beauty of a lush forest, grand mountains, or even the calming ocean – the choice is yours! The River’s Edge Home is another mini mobile home developed by Palm Harbor Homes.

#3 Casa De Ceilo Home

Casa De Ceilo Home

For those looking into more intimate smaller modular homes, the Casa De Ceilo Home is your best bet. It is only 500 square feet but it features a spacious living room paired with a walk-in kitchen that doubles as the dining area. It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a storage loft to boot. Moreover, homeowners have the option to add an open closet design to enjoy an even bigger storage space.

This offering from Palm Harbor Homes is perfect for couples or solo homeowners looking for a minimalist space that can be easily maintained and is just as easy on the wallet.

#4 Lighthouse Home

Lighthouse Home

The Lighthouse Home offers a somewhat unique setup as it features the kitchen right next to the living room, both of which are situated at the front of the house. This makes the floor plan perfect for welcoming guests, and also homeowners who want to instantly lounge around after a long day.

The kitchen features long countertops, tiled floors, and an island that separates the busy area from a small and cozy dining nook.  The property is 1,130 square feet, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it the perfect size for young couples, small families, or retired couples. The Lighthouse Home is manufactured by Champion Homes and offers a stable foundation for homeowners looking for practical mobile homes.

#5 RC3037A Home

RC3037A Home

Karsten Homes designs may not have the easiest names to recall but they offer a lot of great built-in features! The RC3037A Home, for instance, has a great mix of shared space and private nooks. While it is only 1,057 square feet in size, its floor plan allows it to feel much bigger.

This is thanks in part to the large living room and kitchen that both lead out towards the porch. It also features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the option to turn one of the bedrooms into a multi-use space such as a home gym, movie room, office, and much more! An added feature that not all small modular homes offer is the separate laundry room, making it a perfect space for individual homeowners, young couples, and small families.

How Long Do Small Mobile Homes Usually Last?

The lifespan of each small mobile home will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Materials used
  • Construction strategies applied
  • Maintenance
  • External environment and location
  • Compliant with HUD regulations

Given that there are little to no negative qualities from the factors above, small mobile homes could last an average of 30 to 55 years.

Are Small Mobile Homes Energy-Efficient?

small mobile homes

Yes, they are! Modern small mobile homes must be manufactured according to the HUD code regulations, which require that each property meets energy-efficient requirements. Moreover, some homes are Energy-Star certified, which means that they are built with less waste and under stricter regulations regarding low energy consumption.

Are Small Mobile Homes Built of Lower Quality Materials?

Not at all, in fact, most small mobile homes are built with the same quality materials as those used in traditional houses. However, it is most important to invest in a manufacturer known for their top-tier products in order to ensure durability and longevity of your property.

Which is better: Tiny House or Small Mobile Home?

Tiny Home and Small Mobile Home

Depending on where you live and the manufacturer you purchase from, a tiny house is generally cheaper to invest in than a small mobile home. However, you do end up paying more per square footage with tiny houses. The cost per square footage for mobile homes is roughly half of a tiny house nowadays.


1. What is the smallest size mobile home?

The smallest-sized mobile home you can purchase is a single-wide modular home that is about 14 feet wide and 40 feet long. These can be easily transported to your location as a singular unit, which cuts down costs for labor, logistics, and others.

2. What are small mobile homes called?

Small mobile homes are known by a lot of terms such as trailer home, small modular home, small manufactured home, or small stick-built home.

3. Is a Tiny House Cheaper than a Small Mobile Home?

The cost per square foot for a small mobile home is roughly half the cost per square foot for a tiny house. However, when regarded as a whole, you can find tiny houses at a more affordable price range compared to the small mobile homes available in the market.

4. Is a tiny house cheaper than a trailer?

Tiny houses are much smaller than that of a trailer and are therefore cheaper to purchase.

You’re All Set!

That’s all there is to it! Now that you know all the basics of small mobile homes, where you can find the best ones, and the popular designs on the market today, you are well on your way to purchasing your dream property.

If you are already a homeowner and are looking to sell your mobile home for cash, visit our website and find out how we can help you get the best deals!

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