3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions That Will Blow Your Mind

To addition or not to addition? This is not a math question!

Single-wide mobile homes are an easy option for singles, newlyweds, or retirees. They are cheaper than other mobile home options, and if buying used, and you can snag a sweet deal since the hot items are double-wides with three bedrooms!

If you own a single-wide mobile home, you might be considering what is called an “addition.” An addition is an added room, porch, deck, or car park. It can even include transforming your mobile home from a single-wide to a double-wide.

3 single-wide mobile home additions

Why Consider A Single-Wide Mobile Home Addition?

Adding on to your mobile home can be a bit of a task. Either, you have to put in the time and effort to do it yourself or spend the money to have a contractor do it for you. So, why would anyone want to additions?

First, the want for something new. Or, at least a change. What once was spectacular is not as good as it once was. The luster has worn off, and the shine is gone. An addition can give the injection of “the new” you need.

Second, your home was more than enough, but now there’s not enough home for your stuff! When you stay in one place for a long time, you collect things. Eventually, this results in cramped rooms and cluttered walkways. An addition can give you more space to store your possessions, while also allowing more room to move in your mobile home.

Third, you are looking for an aesthetic upgrade. You have gotten used to the look of your mobile home, both inside and out. Now, you want to spice up the visual appeal since you see it every day.

Fourth, you want to entertain guests. You are famous at get-togethers for being the life at the party, but now you want the party in your life and have a party at home. Or, maybe you like being hospitable. One of the best ways to exercise your friendliness is by being a host at home. An addition to your mobile home not only opens up space for yourself but gives you the ability to have others over.

3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions Party Foods

Fifth, your family has grown! You may have started out in the mobile home as a single, newly-weds, or a small family. However, with time you have an army of marching feet romping through the house. Additions allow for a home to expand as your family does.

Two Addition Categories To Rule Them All

When considering additions, you should figure out what kind of addition you want to do. There are two types or categories: non-weatherproof additions or weatherproof additions.

Non-Weatherproof Additions

First, non-weatherproof additions would be carports, steps, decks, patios/porches, and sunrooms. If you are looking for a place to keep the car dry on a rainy day, or a pleasant place to kick back and feel the breeze with your favorite drink, one of these additions could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you decide to go with a non-weatherproof addition, we advise that you don’t physically attach it to your mobile home. “Why not?” Good question. If you connect the addition to your home, you will need to install it with frost line footings, which are often more expensive when compared to the addition itself. If you decide to attach without the frost line footings, the addition can shift and then cause damage to your mobile home. Keep in mind that shifting can occur in any climate and for many reasons. The slightest shifting can damage your house.

Weatherproof Additions

Second, weatherproof would be any addition directly attached to your mobile home that expands the internal footage of the house. This kind could include adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, etc. These additions tend to cost more money, take a longer time to finish the upgrade, and are more permanent than non-weather proof additions.


A little word of warning before you choose to go with a permanent addition: decide carefully! It is better to make sure that you are committed to living in the mobile home once you do an addition. You will need to insulate the new space, wire it, and also heat it during the winter and cool it during the summer.

Over at Mobile Home Repair, regarding the possible problems with weatherproof editions, they write,

“If you sell your home to be moved, the resale situation gets worse. The addition must be removed or demolished, and the exterior of the home will need to be repaired, to close up extra doorways. Wiring and perhaps heating and plumbing will also need to be returned to their original configurations. All this means expenses for you, whether you do the work needed, or sell the unit “As-Is” at a lower price than a factory-spec unit would fetch. If your mobile home is under warranty, you should check the warranty to see what it says about additions. Usually, additions void the warranty, or are allowed only if “manufacturer approved”. Whatever the warranty says, don’t add on during the warranty period. Either you’ll void the warranty, or you’ll give the manufacturer an “out” on warranty claims. The may say it’s okay when you build it, but when you need $5000 worth of warranty work, they’ll find a way to blame your problem on your addition, trust us.”

Not only can these additions cost you money in the various ways stated above, most buyers will overlook your mobile home because they can’t easily tell if what you added on is good quality and done correctly.

As with an attached non-weatherproof addition, you will need frost line footings, so that no shifting will occur over the changing of seasons. With a large addition, such as a new room, shifting could cause irreversible damage.

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Legal Issues

Add these two legal items to your checklist when deciding whether or not to add-on to your mobile home.

First, if you live in a mobile home park, you will need to check out their rules and guidelines about expanding your home. Some parks will not allow for additions of any kind. But, other parks will allow for certain expansions depending on where the addition will rest on the lot.

Second, this one applies to mobile homes both on private property and in parks, you need to check with your local building department. They have the ultimate jurisdiction when it comes to additions to mobile homes. Look over their guidelines, procedures, required paperwork and documents before perfectly planning out that new room in your mobile home.

Now that you’ve read the fine print, let’s move on to the fun part!

3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions That Will Blow Your Mind Magnifying glass

3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions

As a start, here are three mind-blowing mobile home additions you can complete on a budget. All three suggestions are non-weatherproof, so you have less to worry about.

1. Carport

A budget-friendly addition is a carport. If you decide to build one that is detached physically from the mobile home, then it may be an even lighter burden on your wallet.

Why use a carport?
– It will keep the interior of your car getting wet while you are getting your children or groceries when it is raining.
– No snow to wipe off in the winter time!
– Your car will be a harder target for bird poop.
– Your vehicle will stay a little cooler in the shade during those blazing summers.

The price of a carport depends on what you want. Here are a few questions to ask when pricing our a carport:
– How long do you want it?
– Do you want it to be wide enough to fit two cars side by side?
– What material do you want the carport to be made of?
– Do you want it to be built according to your specification, or do you want to buy a prebuilt one that is easily assembled?

If you think a budget is a rule to live by, then you might be thinking of trying to install or build the carport yourself. If you are, then there are great resources online. This walkthrough will get you started and carry you through to the end of the project.

2. Deck/Porch

Another addition that can make your mobile home feel much larger, but won’t alter the mobile home itself, is a deck.

A deck is a raised wooden platform usually located in the backyard, a perfect place for a barbecue and cold brew. An ideal place to relax with family and friends while enjoying a pleasant day or evening.

3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions Deck

Just like the carport addition, building a deck can vary as far as price goes. Some more questions for considerations:
– How big do you want the deck to be?
– What kind of material do you want it made of?
– Are you going to build it yourself, or hire a contractor?
– How long do you want it to last (this will determine what stain and finishes you use, as well as how many coats you will apply of each)?

Are you a handy person? Or, will you try to be one if it can save you some extra cash? If so, check out these instructions over at DoItYourself. They even include a supply list!

But let’s say you want to enjoy the ambiance of the of the outdoors, and want a little more protection from the elements. In that case, read our next section.

3. Sunroom

“What’s a sunroom?”

Think of an enclosed deck with many windows. It is called a sunroom because it is a room that allows a lot of sun into the space. The light comes through windows that line three sides of the room. In most cases, the windows are either made of glass or screens. If you already have a deck, you can easily convert it into a sunroom.

3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions Sunroom

“What is the benefit of a sunroom?” Good question! Below are a few answers.
– Your mobile home gets an extra room without physically altering the mobile home itself.
– You can choose between the warm sun or the cool shade in a single space.
– If you like reading while it rains, you can still enjoy the semi-outside room. You get to enjoy the rain and keep dry!
– Finally, you can enjoy a better view of nature than when you are inside of the mobile home, but still not be at the mercy of those pesky mosquitos.

If you are looking to building a sunroom yourself, here is a helpful guide to get you started.

Other Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions to Consider

We’ve only mentioned three of the best non-weatherproof additions for your mobile home, but keep in mind that you can also spring for higher-end weatherproof additions. A few ideas would include a:

  • Spa room
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Movie room
  • Game room
  • Dining room

If you decide to create one of the additions mentioned above, make sure you build them to code. As we mentioned above, there are considerations to keep in mind when building a permanent addition. Consequently, we strongly suggest that you hire a licensed contractor before adding on to your home.

Keep On Adding On

Whether your family is growing or you need a little more elbow room, the three non-weatherproof additions we mentioned above are all superb options. So grab some inspiration and keep on adding on!

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