3 Features Of A Shabby Chic Mobile Home & Where To Get Started

May 21, 2019Blog, Decorating, Remodeling

Decorating a small space comes with a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, there’s also the great feeling that comes with knowing your mobile home is your own personal space to design. Today we’d like to talk about how to make your home cozy and comfortable with shabby chic decor. Get ready to break out your favorite fresh spring styles this year – a shabby chic mobile home look calls for renovations from top to bottom of your home interior!

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#1: Get started with the right color scheme

Set the background for your shabby chic mobile home design by starting with a color scheme. Generally, it’s best to stick with neutral tones for your walls, since neutrals provide a blank canvas for you to fill with other creative textures and color tones. You can do the same with your flooring. Wooden floors are a popular choice for a shabby chic home, but if you choose to install carpet or tile in some parts of your home, stick to a neutral color scheme in those areas as well. This room is a great example of how neutral colors lay the groundwork for your design:

#2: Furniture for a shabby chic mobile home

Now that you’ve set up a background color scheme, you can move on to the next step – putting furniture and decor into your design. This step is much more open to interpretation, but it should still fall within a certain range to pinpoint the shabby chic style.

  • A shabby chic home should embody comfort, which means that plenty of furniture is a must. Muted pastels and neutrals are the best color choices for furniture pieces, from sofas to coffee tables to bookshelves. For example, light pinks, blues, and greens are some popular options. 
  • After you’ve picked out your colors, think about what style you’re leaning towards. A well-known characteristic of shabby chic decor is the “distressed” look. You can buy furniture that already has this look, or you can create it yourself. Vintage furniture is another main element of a shabby chic design: if you aren’t into distressed furniture, you can probably find a few pieces of vintage furniture at your local thrift store or a yard sale. 
  • Upholstered furniture, like chairs or sofas, will look even cozier and inviting in your living room when they’re overstuffed and protected with a slipcover.

#3: A mix of vintage and modern decor

Thrift stores and antique sales should be like your second home at this point. They’re great places to find the vintage pieces that a shabby chic home absolutely needs. This little room is a great example:

The modern decor has its place in this design as well. A mix of modern and vintage decoration is a tasteful combination for a shabby chic home. For example, this kitchen is a beautiful blend of both contemporary and vintage decor.

Completing the look

There are a few things you can do to really tie up this look in your home. Fresh flowers are a common feature of shabby chic homes and a great way to capture this style. In addition, candles should always be present in your home, whether you enjoy candlesticks or simple mason jars to put them on display.

Rustic vase with fresh tulips

Additionally, DIY projects are also good ways to create shabby chic decor. As a plus, DIY projects make your home unique. A few easy DIY projects you can try include homemade wall art, wooden benches, or even end tables made with vintage suitcases. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. As long as your DIY project adds to the style you’re going for, you can use anything you want to create a shabby chic decor item.

Take this style and make it yours

Finally, you definitely want to own this style in your mobile home. Take what you know about shabby chic design and make it part of your personal style – in other words, make this style yours! It’s a great way to take a small, cluttered space and turn it into a cozy one. Meanwhile, your mobile home gets a new look that won’t cost as much as a luxury makeover. With cost-effectiveness and beauty as two of its benefits, a shabby chic mobile home design is pretty hard to pass up!

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