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Please watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to login and what to expect going forward.

See below for account type details.

There are two types of listing accounts with our software:

Basic Accounts – These listings have contact information restrictions. Buyers and Sellers can only communicate within the app, until the seller upgrades to a Premier account. Because we want to match you with as many buyers as possible, we offer you a chance to speak with interested buyers, prior to having paid any fees. Rules for communication in these listings are monitored for compliance. Attempting to pass third party contact information to a buyer may result in the freezing of the chat, or the permanent removal of a user from the platform. If you are interested in selling a home and further contact information is required, you must first upgrade to a Premier account.

Premier Accounts – These listings have no communication restrictions and third party contact information may be shared freely, at the user’s discretion.

Click here for more information on the marketplace.


Once logged into the marketplace as a seller you may complete a listing in seconds.

  1. Simply click ‘My Listings’ from the left menu and add your homes information by selecting ‘Add Listing’.
  2. Once the information is submitted, you will be assigned an admin who can give you possible sales options.
    1. If you’ve worked with admin in the past and you’d like to continue with them, simply let us know at this point and we can be sure to assign you with them again.
  3. If the marketplace is an option for you, your admin will make sure your listing is complete and looking great, prior to sending your home to our buyers list.

If you’re ready to get started, login now and we’ll get working for you right away!

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