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Finding a New Owner of Your Mobile Home in Zanesville, Ohio

It is difficult to make a decision to sell your home. But there can be compelling circumstances that may need you to. Whether the reason is a job change, a lifestyle change or a debt to pay off, selling a home can never be done quickly enough.

The whole process of selling a mobile home can be tedious. It starts with valuating your mobile home in Zanesville correctly, then finding a buyer, completing the legalities of the sales process and then finally packing up and moving. Choosing a partner to sell with is probably the first and most important step.

However, when you talk about selling a mobile home, you will realize that not a lot of realtors in Zanesville can help you out. This is because mobile homes are treated differently from site built ones. Therefore, you need an expert on mobile homes to partner up with. This is where EZ Homes, LLC comes in. Depending on how soon you want to sell your mobile home in Zanesville, we can help you sell it retail style, or buy the home from you ourselves.

Retail style selling is usually a more time consuming process. However, we can help cut that down. Since we have been in the business of buying and selling mobile homes for over 10 years, we get visitors on our website with the intent of buying them. Our “For sale by owner” ad spaces will help you advertise your mobile home in Zanesville to the target audience. Through these you will be able to find the right buyers and negotiate a deal.

If you are looking at a faster, more reliable sale though, we would advise you to sell to us. Our business is a licensed and insured one. We have been working in the state of Ohio for quite some time. We help you with the legalities of the purchase deal. We don’t require park approval in Zanesville either. And we pay cash for the mobile home. Check out how you can sell to us here. Also avail of our home valuations by clicking on the “Get Instant Quote” tab on our website. Don’t worry about backed up lot rent or other money owed on your mobile home as we may be able to strike a deal by factoring that into the purchase price.

Contact us to sell your mobile home if you happen to reside at any of these two parks:

Chateau Estates Mobile Home Park

2200 South River Road, Zanesville, OH 43701

Colonial Hills

3000 Moxadarla Drive, Zanesville, OH 43701

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