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The Fast Way to Sell Your Manufactured Home in Toledo, Ohio

EZ Homes, LLC has been in the business of selling and buying manufactured homes in the U.S. for the past 10 years. One of the cities that we cater to is Toledo, Ohio. Being the fourth most populated city in the state, Toledo has a bustling market for real estate. Being a hub for glass and auto industries, there is a constant demand for homes, new and old in Toledo. Its recent growth in green industries and the impetus that solar energy research has received through grants from the state, also incentivize people to shift here for new jobs.

The need to sell a home may arise due to a number of reasons. In cases of a rent increment, mortgage payments, or relocating for a new job, we understand that you need the process of selling your mobile home to be a speedy affair. This is exactly why you should choose EZ Homes, LLC as your partner. Closing deals quickly is our USP. We don’t need financial assistance from institutions and are thus able to speedily provide you with all the help you need to sell your home.

You don’t need to worry about our authenticity as we are an insured, bonded and licensed company. Our family has been in this line of business for a decade and have a practiced methodical hand at getting the best deals for your home. You can start the process by providing us with some information about the manufactured house you intend to sell. We also provide instant quotes on the basis of this information. If you don’t approve of our quote, you can list your home on our site individually with your own asking price. We also provide “For sale by owner” ad spaces to help maximise profit on your sale.

For most sellers, the major concern is how long the buying and selling process takes. With EZ Homes, LLC, you’re on the fast track. Within Toledo, we can start and even close a selling deal in as fast as 24 hours, with cash in hand!

If you have a home in a park in Toledo, contact us today. Below are some of the parks we’ve found in the area:

Bel Aire Mobile Court
2410 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo, OH 43607
(419) 531-2772

Byrne Hill
3601 Hill Rd, Toledo, OH 43607
(866) 786-1242


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