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How to Buy or Sell Mobile Homes in The Plains (OH)

The Plains in Ohio attracts a large number of retirees who want to spend their sunset years in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood but not away from the comforts of an urban life. The historic region of The Plains, the site of the Wolf Plains Mound Group, is their perfect choice. The presence of a branch of the Athens County Public Libraries system ensures that there is no shortage of recreational options for the elderly. But The Plains also attracts job seekers who come here to seek employment with the top employers in the area like The Workstation. The presence of many reputable schools under the Athens City School District encourages many of them to relocate to The Plains with their families. Thus, there is always a steady demand for mobile homes in The Plains.

If you have just moved to The Plains, then you might find it stressful to search high and low for a mobile home to buy. After all, you do not know where to look for in the first place. That is why, we have picked up some of the best and most lucrative deals in manufactured homes in The Plains and have featured them on our website. Our listings are not only comprehensive and give you ample choices but also feature mobile homes that exactly match your needs. After all, we, at EZ Homes, LLC, have been buying and selling mobile homes in Ohio for more than 10 years and know what a buyer wants.

We also have solutions for you if you want to sell your manufactured home in The Plains really quickly and use the cash from the sale to pay your lot rent, buy another house, or prepare to relocate. We are licensed, insured, and bonded and do not require park approval. Thus, we can wrap up the sales deal fast and hand over the cash to you quickly, often in less than 24 hours.

You can bag the maximum profit from the sale of your mobile home in The Plains by advertising your house on our website. Our For Sale By Owner advertisements are designed to be immensely search engine-friendly and thus attract the attention of potential buyers all over the country. You are guaranteed responses quicker than it is possible with a Craigslist or an eBay posting.

If our offers interest you and your mobile home is situated in any one of the parks right below, then click the “Get instant offer” tab above.

Gorby’s Trailer Park
4 Beech Road, The Plains, OH 45780

Green Acres Trailer Park
4 Beech Road, The Plains, OH 45780


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