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Finding Mobile Home Buyer Plain City, OH

Situated at the intersection of US-42 and SR-161, just a few minutes away from I-70 and US-33, and eight minutes from Dublin, Plain City (Ohio) provides all the conveniences and comforts of an urban life without the accompanying squalor and chaos. Life in Plain City is tranquil and this encourages people to seek employment in the many prestigious companies here like The Richwood Banking Company, Rummell-Brill Insurance Agency, and ASE Feed & Supply, LLC; set up homes; and raise families. There are also many people who are enamored by the laidback charm of Plain City and come down to settle here and spend their sunset years. Many of these people search for mobile homes in Plain City.

But you need to sell your manufactured home quickly! The Craigslist post and the huge orange signboard on your window have not brought in the desired results and you are now at a loss.

Let us, EZ Homes, LLC, buy your Plain City mobile home. We have been buying and selling manufactured homes in Ohio for more than 10 years and are licensed, insured, and bonded. So you are not only assured of getting a fair price from the sale but can also bask in the knowledge that all transactions with us will be absolutely legal. What is more, we do not require park approval and so we can close the sales deal really quickly and give the money to you fast, sometimes within a day. With cash in your hands, you can thus get on with your plans—repay your lot rent, buy a new house or an apartment, or take care of the costs of relocation.

The For Sale By Owner advertisements on our website let you bag the maximum profit from selling your Plain City mobile home. These search engine-optimized ads catch the eyes of prospective buyers located all over the country. You just need to post the ad and be assured in the knowledge that the marketing efforts for your mobile home will be underway even as you tuck into a meal at the Der Dutchman Restaurant or spend a few quiet hours at the Pastime Park.

We have quite a few effective ways to help you sell your Plain City mobile home quickly. Contact us if your house is located in one of the following parks:

Canaan Community

5130 Plain City Georgesville, Plain City, OH 43064

Suburbans Mobile Home Community

8565 Smith Calhoun Road, Plain City, OH 43064

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