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Selling Your Mobile Home in Orient, Ohio

The real estate market has always been a scary territory to enter. Therefore when you are thinking of selling your mobile home in Orient, we realize why you feel the need for help. However, what you probably did not know was that selling a mobile home is not even really considered as a real estate sale. This is because you can sell a mobile home pretty much like you sell a vehicle, by signing over its title deed.

This is probably the reason that you have not yet found a real estate agent in Orient who is ready to help you sell your mobile home. If you own the land on which your mobile home stands, it is easier and faster to sell. However, most owners pay lot rent and have their mobile homes in mobile parks. If your mobile home stands in a park, you should know that buyers need to be first approved by them. The primary thing that they will check is the potential buyer’s credit history. This then narrows down the pool of buyers even more.

All these factors can be pretty discouraging for a seller. For this very reason we recommend partnering up with EZ Homes, LLC. We have 10+ years’ experience in buying and selling mobile homes. Therefore, we have a well-established circle of clients. These can be from Orient too. Secondly, we have a good credit history. So we don’t need to get park approval for our purchase. And even if we don’t have a customer immediately, we can still buy your home in Orient now and sell it later.

To speed the process on, we pay cash for our purchases. Also, we know our way around the formalities in Orient. So we can guide you through them. Even our process of making offers is speedy. We just require you to give us information on your mobile home. You can then “Get Instant Quote” by clicking on the tab on our website. This will give you an idea of your mobile home’s value. Once we have someone come to Orient and inspect your home, we can make a final offer. To check out how the whole process works, click here.

To sell your mobile home in the following parks, please give us a call and we will be glad to work with you.

Big Darby Mobile Home Village

10116 Darby Creek Road, Orient, OH 43146

Fox Lair Farms Mobile Park

10185 Darby Creek Road, Orient, OH 43146

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