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Your Mobile Home in Mt Vernon, Ohio needs a Buyer

Probably the cheapest option of selling your mobile home in Mt Vernon is by listing it yourself. Selling by owner helps you save on commission fees. However, you will need to pay to advertise it. In this case you would rather spend your money wisely and advertise on the right sites.

EZ Homes, LLC offers “For sale by owner” ad spaces at inexpensive rates. Through these ads you can get exposure for your mobile home in Mt Vernon to visitors all over the country. We also have several write ups on our website giving you valuable advice on selling your mobile home. You can use these tips to maximize profit on your sale. However, if you’ve never sold a home by owner, it can be really challenging. Valuating your mobile home correctly will be your first hurdle. Negotiating with buyers will be another challenge. All in all, selling your mobile home in such a way will take some time.

If you are looking at selling quickly, choose another option. Instead of choosing to sell your home retail, you can choose to sell to us. We have been buying and selling mobile homes for over 10 years now. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We have a good credit background. So we don’t require park approval in Mt Vernon. We also don’t need help from banks to make payments. We pay cash to buy all our mobile homes.

What you need to do is fill out the form on our website. This will provide us with details of your mobile home in Mt Vernon. You can get an estimate by clicking the “Get instant quote” tab. We can then have someone come to Mt Vernon and inspect your home. Depending on the condition of it, we can then make a final offer. Our quotes are reasonable and we can move the transaction along quickly. The sale of a mobile home is a relatively fast and simple process, since it just requires the signing over of the title from the owners to the buyers. To check out the complete process, click here.

If you are located in the following parks, we can make a deal with you.

Colonial Terrace

8927 Columbus Road, Mt Vernon, OH 43050

Grandview Mobile Home Park

8750 Columbus Road, Mt Vernon, OH 43050

Kaurich Trailer Park

7 1/2 Stump Street, Mt Vernon, OH 43050

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