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Sell Your Mobile Home in Milford, Ohio Safely and Quickly

Are you looking at selling your mobile home in Milford, Ohio? Then there are certain hurdles that you must have come across. Firstly, it’s difficult to find a realtor who will help you sell. This is because if your mobile home is in a park, the land doesn’t belong to you. The mobile home then is not considered as real estate property. Therefore, you will have to sell the home privately.

EZ Homes, LLC helps you sell your mobile home and will also guide you with the formalities. You can list your mobile home on our website. Since we specialize in buying and selling mobile homes, we get visitors who are looking at buying mobile homes fast, maybe in Milford itself. We have “For sale by owner” ad spaces that are available at reasonable prices. You can customize your ads to include your asking price.

Selling your mobile home through a listing however does entail a waiting period. Finding a buyer is tough, especially with the competition in the market. There is another option that you can avail of instead. We can buy the mobile home from you now and then list it for our buyers in Milford. Since we’ve been doing business in Ohio for some time, we do have a good customer base here.

Selling your mobile home in Milford will require you to sign over the home’s title, much like an automobile’s. All the relevant forms can be found at your local DMV. If there is a loan on the title, it will need to be cleared before the sale. However, we do make deals for homes on which lot rent or other money is owed, where we include the debt in the sales price.

Some of the advantages of selling to us are that we pay cash for all our mobile home purchases. So if you are looking at a quick sell, we can help you out. We don’t require help from banks to make a payment either. Also, we are well known and are insured and licensed. And we don’t require park approval, because we have a good credit history. To approach us with your mobile home in Milford, click the tab above to get an instant offer.

We are looking at buying mobile homes in and around the following parks:

Green Acres Mobile Home Village

6074 Deerfield Road, Milford, OH 45150

Orchard Lake Mobile Home Park

969 State Route 28, Milford, OH 45150

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