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Why wait to sell your mobile home in Marion, Ohio?

Buying and selling a mobile home in Marion, Ohio is relatively easy. Mobile home titles can be signed over from one person to the next, leading in a transfer. The important thing though is to find a buyer. You should also know how much to value your home at. At EZ Homes, LLC we help you find the ideal buyer in Marion. We also help you evaluate your home. And we can help you out with the formalities of the sales process.

EZ Homes, LLC is a family business. We’ve been buying and selling manufactured homes and mobile homes for 10+ years. We have expanded from Michigan and have now established ourselves in Ohio too. It is because of this that we can help you with selling your mobile home in Marion, Ohio. Our years of experience mean that we have a good customer base.

We also buy mobile homes in Marion ourselves. This would be a faster way to sell if you are in a hurry. We can give you a quick quote based on information you provide us with. However, a final offer will be made only after we have inspected your mobile home. We can have someone come to Marion and inspect it within as soon as a day. If you accept our offer, the transaction can be completed within a week from you contacting us.

We do not require help from financial institutions to pay you. Since we pay cash, you need not worry about payments. We also are licensed, insured and bonded. And we have a good credit history. So we don’t need to get park approval in Marion. Our primary requirement is that your title is clear and all loans on the home are paid. We do however, cut deals for homes on which money is owed, if it is factored in to the sales price itself. Check out the details here.

If you do not find our quotes suitable, you can still avail of our platform to sell. Our website offers “For sale by owner” ad spaces at reasonable prices. These can be displayed for a specified period of time and can include details on your mobile home. You can even use the articles on our website to help you sell faster.

To sell your mobile home in the following parks, contact us by clicking on the “Get Instant Offer” tab above.

Buckeye Trailer Park Inc

1015 North Main Street, Marion, OH 43302

Fountain Place Mobile Home Park

3068 Marion Waldo Road, Marion, OH 43302

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