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Sell Your Mobile Home Quickly in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio

Are you in a hurry to sell your mobile home? Is your mobile home situated in Lakeside Marblehead? Then you are in luck. EZ Homes, LLC is looking at buying mobile homes here. We are a family business that caters to the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. We’ve been buying and selling mobile homes for over 10 years and we can close on your home in Lakeside Marblehead really quickly.

EZ Homes, LLC, is an insured and licensed business. We offer instant quotes on receiving your mobile home information. These will be range estimates. Once we view your home in Lakeside Marblehead, our final offer will be made. We can fix up an inspection within a day.

After our final offer has been accepted, we can begin closing on your mobile home. Our main requirement is that the title is clear. Title liens will have to be taken care of before the purchase agreement is signed. Backed up lot rent can be adjusted in our purchase price. If not, this will need to be cleared before any transaction takes place. We just want to be frank and on the same page about our procedures.

If you find that our quote is not up to your expectations, you can still use our help to find buyers in Lakeside Marblehead. We have several articles telling you the best methods to adopt to sell a mobile home. You can use them to list your mobile home on our site. Our “For sale by owner” ads are inexpensive. They will help you get in touch with prospective clients and you will have complete control over negotiations.

Listing your home may help you get better profits but will be a time-consuming process. For a speedier deal, sell your mobile home to us. We are always on the lookout for buyers and will sell your home to an ideal buyer when we find one. We also don’t need the help of a bank to pay you cash for the home. We always pay cash for our homes, so liquidity is not a problem. Our background doesn’t even require us to acquire park approval. To check out our site and attain the complete details click here.

Approach us for mobile homes in Lakeside Marblehead if you reside at any of the following locations:

Breezy Acres

5706 East Harbor Road, Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440
(419) 734-7771

Bass Haven

6657 East Harbor Road, Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440
(419) 734-2544

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