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Selling Your Mobile Home in Geneva, Ohio

The city of Geneva is part of the Ashtabula County in Ohio. Connected by the Interstate 90, Route 534, and Route 20, the city has appeal as a residential settlement. If you are looking at selling your mobile home in Geneva however, you may need some help with finding the right buyer.
EZ Homes, LLC is an expert at real estate. Our specialty is buying and selling mobile and manufactured homes. We have been an established name in Michigan and have also expanded our business to Ohio. Our years in Ohio have helped establish a good customer base here and we can also find a buyer for your mobile home in Geneva. We have ad spaces on our website that will help a seller find buyers who visit our website. These are available at reasonable rates and there’s quite a bit of information that you can put up on them. Our website even has several articles to help you maximize profit on your property in Geneva.
Selling your home retail may be time consuming though. If you are looking at a faster, more efficient way to sell your mobile home, you can sell it to us. We can offer cash payments for a speedy purchase. We also have a good credit history and therefore, don’t need to seek park approval in Geneva. Our business is insured, bonded and licensed, so we are reliable. And our years of experience mean that we have selling and buying mobile homes quickly down to a science. We can close a deal on your home within as soon as week from you contacting us.
So, how do you contact us? You can start by filling a form on our website giving us details about your mobile home. To get an estimate on what your home is worth, click on the “Get Instant Quote” tab. Our estimates are fairly accurate, though there may be some negotiation once we check out your place in Geneva. Quotes may vary depending on the condition of your home. We also cut deals for homes on which you owe money. Our primary requirement is that your home title is clear or that it will be clear after our payment. For complete details, check here.
To sell mobile homes in the following parks, give us a ring so we can determine if we can work out a deal with you. Either way, we can help you with your selling intentions.

C Mobile Homes

4546 North Ridge Road East
Geneva, OH 44041

Austin Manor Estates

3583 Austin Road
Geneva, OH 44041

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