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Are you looking at selling your mobile home in Fremont, Ohio?

For a home seller, the most important thing is to find a fabulous buyer. This would entail someone with a solid credit history, who can give you your asking price and can buy from you quickly. If you are looking for just such a buyer for your mobile home in Fremont, we’re your guy.

EZ Homes, LLC, is a family run business. We’ve been selling manufactured and mobile homes for over a decade. Our business started out in Michigan and has now expanded to Ohio. We even cater to the city of Fremont. Our years of experience mean that we have a defined sales process that works like clockwork. Therefore, we can close on your mobile home in Fremont within a week from when you get in touch with us.

Before you think of selling to us, let us tell you some reasons why you should choose to. We are licensed, bonded and insured. So you can trust us. We also have a clear credit history. So we don’t need to seek approval from your mobile park in Fremont to buy your home. We also specialize in closing fast. We understand that you may need cash urgently to pay off mortgage debts, or to cover moving costs. We therefore offer cash purchases. You can sell your home and have cash in hand for it in sometimes within a day.

What we need from you is some details on your mobile home, its location in Fremont, its condition. If you can upload some pictures, we could get a better idea of what your mobile home is worth. The most important thing is that your home’s title is clear. After this you can get a quote from us by clicking on the “Get Instant Quote” tab. If you find the quote agreeable we can move on closing the deal. Our quotes are reasonable and well researched. Despite this if you don’t find them agreeable though, you can still get in touch with buyers through our website. We offer “For sale by owner” ad spaces at reasonable rates. These will help your mobile home become exposed to buyers country wide. Check our complete sales process here.

To sell mobile homes in the below mentioned parks, give us a ring and we will offer you the service you expect.

Mid City Mobile Homes Inc

740 County Road 212, Fremont, OH 43420

Riviera Mobile Manor

2400 Port Clinton Road, Fremont, OH 43420

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