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How to Sell Your Mobile Home in Fostoria, Ohio

Fostoria is located 40 miles from Toledo, and within 2 hours of Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit, and draws in new residents every year. Though this means a host of potential buyers for a homeowner, it also means that you need to know what the real value of your mobile home is.
How long have you had your mobile home in Fostoria listed for sale? Have you been approached with a suitable offer yet? How much luck have you had trying to sell your mobile home quickly and at an agreeable price? If your answer is no to any or all of the above questions, it is time to partner up with EZ Homes, LLC.
EZ Homes specializes in buying and selling mobile homes and manufactured houses. Since we’ve been doing this for sometime now, we literally have the art of selling mobile homes down to a science. Though the Midwestern states have proved to be a tough market for mobile homes, we have built a customer base over the years to help our sellers in Fostoria with their needs. We also personally buy mobile homes to sell at a later date to potential buyers. Either way, we can close a deal on your mobile home quickly.
If you have doubts about the legalities of our business, let us tell you that we have a clear credit history. We are also financially stable and can offer you cash in hand for your mobile home in Fostoria. On the business end, we are insured, licensed and bonded and also don’t need to seek park approval for any of our purchases.
From your end, all we need is that your title is clear. You can provide us with some information on your mobile home, we can have someone come over and inspect your home, and you can have an estimate on your home in Fostoria immediately. If you don’t like our offer, you can list your home on our website instead. You can then directly negotiate with buyers from all over the United States. However, if you’re looking at a faster sale, we are your perfect partners.
Contact us if you’re located in Fostoria at:

Delta Mobile Home Park

1415 North Countyline Street
Fostoria, OH 44830
 (419) 435-6380

Fostoria Mobile Estates

5473 North Township Road 63
Fostoria, OH 44830
 (419) 435-8873

Hopewell Estates

8702 West State Route 18
Fostoria, OH 44830
 (419) 435-0757

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