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Maximize Profit when Selling Your Mobile Home in Delta, Ohio

If you live in a small town you know that the task of selling a mobile home is going to be difficult. The fact that Delta has numerous mobile parks will add to your competition. Obtaining a quality return on a mobile home is difficult in general, as the home value depreciates soon. Add to that the small community of potential buyers in a small city and your home can end up being listed for quite a period of time before you find a potential buyer.

There are a couple of options you can avail of in this case, all of which EZ Homes, LLC can help you out with. The first is you can list your home with us. We offer “For sale by owner” ad spaces on our website for reasonable rates. This will help you get exposure to thousands of buyers all over Ohio, not just in Delta. If you have the time to sell your home retail, this would help you maximize your profit on your mobile home.

Your second option would be to sell to us itself. EZ Homes, LLC specializes in buying mobile and manufactured homes. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We also have a clear credit report so we don’t require park approval. We can buy your home in Delta and move it out of the park to another when we find the right buyer. We also don’t need the help of banks to pay you. If the need is urgent, we can make a cash purchase within a day.

The Midwestern states have proved to be difficult to sell mobile homes in. We have spent years developing a buyers’ base. To help our clients, we also have articles on our site to give you insights on selling your mobile home in Delta. This will help you if you decide against selling your home to us. However, if you do want to sell to us, give us some information about your home and get an instant offer. Check out our sales process here.

If you own a mobile home in any of these parks in Delta, please give us a little bit of information by filling out the form from the tab above.

Camelot South

3402 State Route 109, Delta, OH 43515
(419) 822-3808

Camelot West

450 West Main Street, Delta, OH 43515
(419) 822-3303

Country Court Mobile Home Park

7053 County Road 5-2, Delta, OH 43515
(419) 822-9185

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