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Selling Mobile Homes in Cincinnati

One of the largest cities in Ohio, Cincinnati is a bustling industrial and economic hub of the state. It is the headquarters of close to a dozen Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble Co., Cinergy Corp., AK Steel, and American Financial and is a favored destination for manufacturing, insurance and finance, and wholesale and retail trade units. It is thus easy to assume that Cincinnati attracts a large number of white-collar employees from all over the United States. There is understandably a steady demand for mobile homes here and those workers who relocate with their families prefer their homes to be near the prominent schools and colleges of the city like the Walnut Hills High School, the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, and the Union Institute and University. So, do you have a solution for these buyers’ needs? But first, how do you reach out to this willing group?

If you have a mobile home in Cincinnati and want to sell it quickly, then you will have to look beyond your eBay posting that has been languishing on the site for what seems like an eternity. In fact, if you are reading this page, it is likely that you are already considering alternative and more effective ways of marketing your mobile home. Let us help you.

We, at EZ Homes, LLC, have been in the business of buying and selling mobile homes in Cincinnati for more than a decade and “fast” is our middle name. We realize that you may want to sell your manufactured home quickly to address a variety of pressing needs. Maybe you are behind on the mortgage payment of your primary residence and need the money from the sale of your mobile home badly. Or maybe you are relocating to some other area and need to quickly close the sale of your Cincinnati property. Whatever may be your need, you can be sure that once you get in touch with us, we will move in quickly, cash in hand, and close the deal as fast as possible. It just helps that we do not need park approval. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured and you can be sure that all your deals with us will be above board and fair. Here’s how we work.

If this offer doesn’t excite you tremendously, then consider advertising your mobile home with us, with our For Sale By Owner advertisements. You will thus not only be able to reach out to buyers from all over the country but also ensure that you gain the maximum profit from the sale.

So, if you are interested in joining hands with us and your manufactured home is situated in any one of the following parks in Cincinnati, get in touch with us:


Arlington Mobile Home Park,

360 Elliott Avenue,

Cincinnati, OH 45215

(513) 821-2706


Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park,

9797 Reading Road #AA,

Cincinnati, OH 45215

(513) 733-5330

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