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Sell Your Mobile Home in Cambridge, Ohio fast

The city of Cambridge, Ohio focuses on its business district, offering assistance to business owners and community members. It also encourages expansion of old businesses and drawing new ones in. Cambridge also promotes the city itself by preserving historical buildings and traditional pedestrian-oriented layouts. This is why Cambridge has found appeal with people all over as a viable place to settle into.

If you own a mobile/manufactured home in Cambridge, and are looking to sell, however, you will find some hurdles along the way. The process of buying or selling a home requires extensive knowledge of the whole process, including legalities, current property rates and a viable platform to find buyers. There’s no need to be intimidated though! We at EZ Homes, LLC, can offer you all of our expertise on the same while helping you sell your home. Our business has developed a customer base through our 10+ years of experience through which we help homeowners in Cambridge sell their mobile and manufactured homes fast.

Our customers choose us for a couple of reasons primarily. Firstly, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Therefore our business is a trusted one. Secondly, we don’t require park approval and hence, our transactions are hassle free. Thirdly, we are financially stable. That means that we do not need to rely on financial help to pay you cash for your mobile home in Cambridge. We understand that speedy liquidity may be an urgent requirement for some of our customers. Therefore, we can start the whole process of selling your home almost immediately as you register with us. We offer you an instant evaluation on your home, based on the information you provide. We have someone come and check your place within a day, and after this, we can get the ball rolling on closing a beneficial deal. Our quotes take into account feasibility and the current market. Thus, they’ll help you maximize your profit.

If you don’t find our quote appealing, you still have the option of placing an ad with us. Our website is well known, thanks to our tenure in the business. We now offer “For sale by owner” ads on it to help you get exposure to buyers near you. You can get in touch with and negotiate with potential clients through us if you prefer. Our website also has links to help you understand the whole selling process, and provides you with valuable tips to help sell your mobile home sooner.

Get in touch with us if your home in Cambridge is at:

Oak Hill Mobile Home Village

14839 East Pike Road, Cambridge, OH 43725
(740) 439-1906

Rustic Acres Mobile Home Manor

62950 Byesville Road, Cambridge, OH 43725
(740) 439-4448

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