North Vernon, IN

Buying and Selling Mobile Homes in North Vernon (IN)

North Vernon (along with Greencastle) is the first Stellar Community in Indiana and this has increased the appeal of the city amongst many different groups of people. The large-scale infrastructural development of working class neighborhoods like Irish Hill has began to attract both blue and white collar workers who want to settle in North Vernon and raise their families. The laidback charm of the city continues to attract retirees who are buoyed by vibrant cultural milieu of the city epitomized by the grand celebrations at the annual Freedom Fest and the presence of many recreational spots like the Chad Speer and the Carnegie Library. Thus the demand for mobile homes is high in North Vernon.

Although there are many manufactured homes strewn all over North Vernon, a newcomer like you will surely find it cumbersome and immensely time consuming to go on a hunt to zero in on one that perfectly matches your needs. Take a cue from the listings on our website. We, at EZ Homes, LLC, have been buying and selling mobile homes in Indiana for more than a decade and know the needs of prospective buyers. We have thus spared you the trouble of scouring the city to look for a manufactured home to buy and you can be sure that the houses we have featured are in impeccable conditions and priced appropriately.

If they are not in the best shape, as just stated, they are priced accordingly.

We have an offer for you if you want to sell your North Vernon mobile home quickly. Let us buy it. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and so do not need park approval. We can close the sales deal quickly and hand over the money to your really fast so that you can pay your lot rent, buy a new house, or make arrangements for relocating with the cash. We can sometimes wrap up the deal and transfer the money to you in less than 24 hours!

The For Sale by Owner advertisements on our website let you sell your mobile home in North Vernon at the best possible price and attain the highest profit from the sale. These search engine friendly ads are guaranteed to make it to the top of the search results pages and thus catch the eye of discerning buyers all over the country.

Now that you know about our offers to help you sell your North Vernon mobile home fast, call us if your house is situated in any one of the following parks:

Hickory Manor Mobile Home Park

2096 North Hickory Circle West, North Vernon, IN 47265

Totten’s Mobile Home Park

2202 North Totten Circle # D, North Vernon, IN 47265

Vernon Villa

2401 West Private Road 325 North, North Vernon, IN 47265

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