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Are you looking to sell your mobile home in Florida?

As a real estate agent, we’ll buy your Florida mobile or manufactured home, cash in hand within 24 hours. Contact Us Today


If you’re looking for a real estate agent to sell your mobile or manufactured home in Florida, we have a solution for you! At US Mobile Home Pros, we buy Florida mobile homes hassle free. If you need to sell your Florida manufactured home quickly due to a job transfer, difficulties with park management, or simply because you need a bigger place, we will pay cash for the purchase of your home.

We Buy Florida Manufactured Homes

If you have a Florida manufactured home for sale, and need to sell quickly, contact US Mobile Home Pros to get the process started. We have the resources to buy your home now!

If you have a Florida mobile home for sale, we will offer you cash in hand within 24 hours of purchase. If you sell to our company, we will pay you quickly and you can vacate as soon as you would like.

US Mobile Home Pros has purchased mobile and manufactured homes from sellers experiencing:

  • Debt Relief
  • Job Transfer
  • Lot Rent Relief
  • Need a Bigger Place
  • Death of Owner
  • Divorce
  • Difficulties with Park Management
  • Difficulties with Neighbors
  • Eviction

We Buy Used Mobile Homes in Florida, Hassle Free!

If you’re interested in selling your Florida mobile home, but don’t want to hire a realtor or wait months or even years for a buyer, contact US Mobile Home Pros today!

It should be stated that we do purchase all of our mobile homes. We do not take commissions and we are not realtors. We are buyers and we pay cash for your Florida manufactured home.

We do not need park approval to purchase your Florida manufactured home since we do not rent their lots. If you sell to our company we will pay you quickly and you can vacate as soon as you would like.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we would love to speak with you. Below are the steps that we would take to ensure a smooth sales process.

Step 1:

Once you fill out a short form we will quickly display a range offer amount for your Florida mobile home. This range should be taken as a guide only. Sometimes we pay over the amount and sometimes we pay less. However, it will give you a good idea of what we tend to offer for Florida mobile homes of likeness to yours.

Also, you may find that there is sometimes a large range displayed. This is because we never truly know the condition of your Florida manufactured home, and our algorithm does not take into account the dimensions of the home. So if a home is bigger than the typical home, or it is in worse condition than what we usually find, the range tends to allow us to address any given situation.

Step 2:

Upon getting your offer, you will be given the choice of whether you are interested in proceeding with us or listing your home on your own with our site. Assuming you are interested in our offer, we’ll ask you to select the “Interested” button. At this time you will be asked to upload pictures of your Florida mobile home if you have them available. Pictures give us a much better idea of the size, layout, and overall condition of your Florida mobile home. (We only look at the home… if you live in the home and have stuff throughout, we do not care. We can easily look past this.)

Upon viewing the home we may send you over a more accurate offer amount. This amount will be much closer to the actual offer we would propose and if you are willing to accept it… it leads us into step 3.

Step 3:

Scheduling an appointment with someone from our company. If you are still interested in our offer after step 2, we will schedule a time to come out and view your Florida mobile home in person. This viewing typically takes about 30 minutes and can be scheduled for as soon as the next day. If a purchase price is agreed on we can start the paperwork.

Step 4:

The next step in the sales process would be signing the necessary paperwork. Each party would sign a purchase agreement that outlines the purchase price, along with the terms of sale. A down payment will be made and it is at this time that a closing day will be scheduled based on the sellers convenience.

We do give up to 3 months (or longer for special needs) to vacate the home so there is always plenty of time to make arrangements for your new place of residency. Both parties will get a copy of this agreement and we will reconvene on the agreed closing date.

Step 5:

The closing date – Someone from our company will meet with you on the agreed upon date for a walkthrough of the home. Assuming the mobile home is in the same condition as when we purchased it we would pay the remainder of the purchase price in exchange for the keys.


More Information on Florida Mobile Home Sales

As the 27th state to enter the union, Florida now has a population of 19,057,542 people ranks 4th in the country, just behind California, Texas and New York.  With a total of 54,252 Square Miles and a growing population each year, Florida has become a hot spot for snow birds and full time residents.

Mobile homes are in high demand with this ever increasing growth.  They are very affordable, making them the perfect solution when considering a second home.  So, with all of this growing activity, why do sellers have such a hard time finding mobile home dealers and buyers in Florida?  The answer: Marketing.

Sellers don’t know how to properly market their homes.  However, this is not their fault.  The Internet has replaced the orange sign in the window.  It has redirected the focus of buyers from the newspaper ads, to websites designed specifically for the sale of mobile homes.

Therefore, unless you are willing to create a website to market your home, dump thousands of dollars into it, and then wait years to get to the top of search engines, you might just want to jump on board with the thousands of other sellers in Florida who are using the power of proven Internet marketability.

These sellers are closing on their homes at record paces.  This is because you attract attention from buyers all across the US, not just Florida.  Unlike other conventional methods, the ad space provided with allows the seller complete access to their ad to make changes.

Newspaper ads are a one-time run… if you want to reduce the price, you place another ad.  This is not the case with Internet marketing.  You will have complete access to your sales post.  Make changes to the sales price, pictures, or homes description at any time, without additional fees.  Place your ad now to thousands of potential buyers in Florida by clicking on the “List my home” tab above.

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