Sell your 1999 mobile home the easy way

Sell your 1999 mobile home the easy way

It doesn’t have to be a hassle to sell a 1999 mobile home. You have time on your side, so make the best of it. Fortunately, your home is new enough that you don’t have to worry about typical selling obstacles, like roof problems or soft spots. If kept up, buyers will see the value of this newer home and be willing to pay more than an older 90’s model. The problem can tend to be depreciation. Since mobile homes depreciate, buyers are looking for manufactured homes that are not brand new but have lost most of their value. This heavy depreciation occurs within the first 5 years, making your 1999 mobile home a desirable asset since it has experienced most of its immediate devaluation.

Unfortunately for you, you are on the low end of the “newer homes” list. Because your home is a 1999, it’s considered a newer home, however, it’s not until after the year 2000, that homes really begin to “increase” in their value. It may be psychological, but homes built in, and after the year 2000 pull in more money from buyers.

If you currently have a 1999 mobile home for sale, we encourage you to give us a little information about your home. This will allow us to assign a value and email you an initial offer. This offer will represent two ends. The low end of the offer will give you a sense of what we would offer if the manufactured home was in poor condition and lacked desirable features. The high end of the offer will represent our offer for homes in excellent condition with our buyers desired features.

Get your no-obligation offer for your 1999 mobile home, now!


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