Sell your 1991 mobile home, fast!

Sell your 1991 mobile home, fast

1991 mobile homes can sell quickly if properly marketed and priced. We have been buying and selling mobile homes for over ten years. Typically, we know we have overpriced a manufactured home if it hasn’t sold in the first month. Yes, the first month. This is because the mobile home market hasn’t died as much as the stick built homes have. There are a lot of buyers out there and a lot of mobile homes for sale. So, why are you having a hard time getting yours sold? We hope to help you with this by the end of this short article.

For starters, how are you marketing this 1991 mobile home? Are you placing your ad in as many places as you can? Are you giving a full description of the manufactured home in the ad? And are you pricing the home correctly? It’s important that you get the mobile home value right. These three questions are going to be 90% of the problem, dealing with your unsuccessful sale.

First, where are you placing your ads? Are you putting it in the paper, Craigslist, signs, and multiple other web site forums? Are they available to potential buyers? If not, you’re behind the eight-ball. I search for mobile homes every day and find that only about 10% of the manufactured homes we buy are actually posted. Most of the people I come into contact with have searched me out. When I ask them what they are doing to sell the home they reply by saying, “I’m hoping word of mouth gets it sold.” This isn’t going to happen. You have to put some effort into the sales process. This starts with letting as many people know about your home as possible.

Second, In your ad, it’s extremely important to give a full description of the mobile home. Make sure to describe the overall condition in detail. Assuming you have a 1991 mobile home (since you’re reading this), you are going to want to list, ‘1991 mobile home for sale.’ However, this is not all. You will want to put all the selling features possible into this ad. Is it a double wide home? How many bathrooms and bedrooms does the home have? Does it have a fireplace? These features are all going to help you sell the manufactured home. Pictures are a great thing to add in. When I see an advertisement for a mobile home for sale, and don’t see pictures, I get the feeling that the home isn’t worth my time. I assume the home will not be in very good condition. This is obviously not always the case. However, I can’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t put a picture on the ad if it would help them get the home sold.

Third… price the home to sell. Make sure you know mobile home worth. A 1991 mobile home is never going to compete with a 2000 if they have the same features. Make sure you do some research when coming up with your sales price. Something is going to have to give, either your sale will take time or you will take less money. It’s rare that you don’t trade one for the other.

We buy 1991 mobile homes with all sorts of different features. We buy single wides, double wides, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes. As long as it has more than one bedroom and is older than 1987, with vinyl siding and a shingled roof…. we’ll buy it.

If you’re tired of the sales game and just want to get the home off the market, we will give you an offer today. You can submit your information to the upper right of this page to get your instant quote. Please be sure to check your email immediately following your submission. (No personal information will be asked other than your name)


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