Sell a mobile home fast

Selling Your Mobile Home Fast

Many people take on the daunting task of selling their own mobile home. But no matter what methods they try, the phone never seems to ring.

We assume you are reading this because you are currently facing this same challenge.  You might have already tried, placing an ad in the paper, or even putting a bright orange sign in the window to attract attention. However, the frustrating conclusion is that no one seems to be in the market for buying mobile homes. Eventually in a last ditch effort, disappointment with the lack of success might cause you to lower the price to sell the home. But even then, you might find that your desire to sell your mobile home gives way to the thought of forfeiting the home back to the bank or park.

So what is the real reason for the lack of success when it comes to selling your mobile home? Supply and awareness. The supply of homes, even in your area alone, far exceeds the demand for such property. The home just isn’t worth what most people are asking for it. There are just too many homes for sale for a lesser price.

Now, for “awareness.” Creating awareness that your home is for sale is crucial.  Craigslist is a great place to advertise for free, but it has many negative elements, some of which we’ve listed here:

1) You have to constantly repost your ad if you want to maintain the same exposure.

2) Spammers are relentlessly farming emails.

3) If you want to get exposure in multiple cities you have to change your ad in order for it to be accepted by the site.

We can help you with this problem by listing your home here on our website. Click here to see what advantages we can give you!

Unfortunately, mobile homes depreciate at a rapid pace with every passing year. Couple this with an ever-diminishing buyer pool and you now have the recipe for a very length and disappointing selling experience. You could be sitting on your home for a LONG time. (Get an offer now!)

So to answer the question: How can I sell my mobile home?

First thing to do is: Do your homework. Set the price at a reasonable amount. Look in your local paper or on the internet for cost comparisons. You must take all things into consideration, such as, the year the home was built, the number of baths and bedrooms, does it have a shingled roof, and so forth. You might even want to call sellers you find to figure out how many inquires they’ve received since placing the ad.

Second: Keep detailed records of all communications, such as a list of all callers with phone numbers and perhaps even email addresses. Remember, you are a sales person the very moment you put your home on the market and you have to think like one. By keeping a list of potential buyers, you can always check back with them if you decide to lower your price. (We hope you won’t have to!)

Third: Never disqualify a buyer’s offer because you are upset with the amount offered. Politely decline if the offer is too low, and then make a counter offer. By getting upset with a lower offer, you are throwing away an opportunity to sell your mobile home.  Instead, keep this person in your list of buyers. You never know when you will grow tired of the cat and mouse game of selling a home. Rather than grow frustrated and give the home away, you might as well get some money for it.  Remember, the end game is to sell your home. So, remember: never refuse to sell on principle.

Fourth: List your home where thousands of people have the opportunity of viewing it. List your home on our site by clicking HERE.

Finally: Never give the home back to the park. You can always find a buyer! Even if it means selling it for $500, a little money is better than no money. The process of buying and selling mobile homes is so easy, it costs you nothing at closing. It’s a title transfer and can be completed the same day.

If you are in the process of selling your home, we wish you the best of luck. We would love to hear some of the innovative ideas you have come up with to accomplish this.  Just send us an email at We can then share them with other viewers. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope it helps!


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