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Maximize your home’s exposure

Listing your home on provides many benefits that are clearly helpful for anyone looking to find a buyer.  However, there are are a couple steps that you can take in order to maximize the exposure that your home gets.  We have never made the claim that we are the only good source for making your home visible on the sales market.  There are plenty of great ways that attract some potential buyers.  Combining all these avenues for the best possible outcome is the goal.  After all, selling your home is the end result, no matter how that happens.  Therefore, we offer some advice for you to get the greatest exposure with minimal expense, by utilizing some free advertisement to go along with your ad.

1) We suggest you continue to post to your free advertising sites like Craigslist.  However, now that you will have your professional looking ad, with all your pictures and content, you only have to copy your listing URL and paste it into your Craigslist ad.  When the Craigslist reader finds your ad all they will have to do is click the link and all the information is right there.  No longer will you have to continue to retype the ad over and over again.  It’s done already!

(IF you are unfamiliar with a URL)  The URL we are speaking of is at the top of the page, in the address menu.  As an example, the URL of this page is:


This is NOT your URL for your advertisement, but as an example, you would simply go to your ad’s page and copy the URL from that page and past it into a Craigslist ad.  By doing this, you will be able to quickly create an ad with their site that has a link directed to your ad on  Please see the example below.

Your Craigslist ad could be the following:

I have a used mobile home for sale that can be seen at  Please click the link below to get all the details on my home.



By doing this, you can continue to list your home on Craigslist and never tire of creating an ad.  We have the ad done for you.

Another great way to get exposure

2) At the top of ever listing is a social media dashboard.  Simply click the like button at the top of your page and it will be directly sent out to all of your friends.  They can then share your ad to all of their friends if they are willing to help you try to sell your home.

Use these tips and you are sure to generate some extra attention!



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