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Repairing your mobile home before selling

When trying to sell your mobile home, it is a good idea to fix minor problems before showing the home to potential buyers. 

Often, it’s easy for a seller to forget about small problems with the home, especially ones that don’t come up everyday. It doesn’t take long to forget about them altogether.

However, a buyer will not turn such a blind eye. Remember, whether it is warranted or not, the buyer wants to pay as little money possible for a mobile home with as little problems as possible. He or she does not want to pay thousands of dollars for a home in need of repairs, no matter how minor they may be.

Like a first date, problems with the home are an instant turn-off and also can lead a buyer to be extra paranoid about other matters. Potential buyers can begin thinking about a low-ball offer, or you could lose your sale all together.

Explore some quick improvements that could be done before putting your mobile home on the market. Here are 10 repair suggestions for your mobile home.

  • Carpet. You can get cheap carpet from your local Home Depot or flooring store. We suggest inexpensive laminate flooring, but anything is better than a stained floor.
  • Soft spots. Mobile homes often have soft spots in the flooring, which are easy for a potential buyer to feel beneath their feet. This is an easy fix for someone who has any kind of handyman experience. Floors are made of plywood and can be cut out and replaced in a matter of hours (if not less).
  • Leaks. Roof leaks will leave unattractive stains that, but a fresh coat of paint will remedy this problem by covering the evidence. If the roof still leaks, fix it. It is highly unethical to just paint over it and sell the home, pretending nothing is actually wrong with the roof (or anything else, for that matter). We have an article on mobile home roof overs to get started.
  • Steps. Make sure the steps leading up to the home are secure. If the first thing a potential buyer sees is a crumbling entrance, they are going to be put off from the start. Keep your buyer happy before he or she actually sees the home.
  • General cleaning. If you don’t clean the home before you show it, YOU WILL NOT SELL IT!  Nobody wants to walk into a filthy home, let alone, buy one.
  • Repaint in neutral. Paint the walls a neutral color. If your decor clashes with the walls, they will have a hard time envisioning themselves living there.
  • Exterior. Clean the yard and cut the grass. If a potential buyer pulls up to a home that looks like it isn’t being taken care of, there’s a good chance they might not want to even come inside.
  • Plumbing problems. Check for leaks in the plumbing, as mobile homes are known to have faucet leaks. Check for this and make the necessary repairs.
  • Cigarette residue. Don’t smoke in the home, because the smell of cigarettes lingers long after it’s gone. If you do smoke, wash all the walls and paint them. Keep in mind the smell might not completely go away, but you can do your best to eliminate any smoking residue.
  • Gardening. Plant some flowers in the yard, if the season allows for it. This will give the home an attractive feel and let buyers know the property is well taken care of.

These are all very inexpensive improvements, and necessary if you want a good response. It’s difficult enough to get someone interested in taking a look at your home, so don’t let a potential buyer walk out for lack of repairs!

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