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by Jul 9, 2018

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You’re thrilled to start the mobile home living room remodel you’ve been dreaming about. You can’t wait to switch out the tired, old colors and furniture for a fresh, new look. You’re already making plans to spend more time relaxing in the new room. Bring on long evenings of recharging and special afternoons of entertaining.

Currently, your living room feels cramped, disjointed, disorganized, and drab, but you’ve got high hopes for your re-do. You want something designed with some thought, incorporating inspiring colors and tidy organization solutions. We know you can’t wait to get started making the change a reality. Consequently, we’ve got some tips to get you off on the right foot.

Lean into your own sense of style

Don’t sweat it…

First off, don’t feel guilty about the colors and decor you love. The internet, of course, is full of design ideas featuring beautiful color palettes and perfect furniture. Whether you’ve already spent hours browsing for design ideas or you’re just about to, don’t get sidetracked by the feeling that your living room will never look as perfect as the pictures. Plus, don’t feel guilty if you can’t stand the colors that interior design magazines are heralding as 2018’s newest and best.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you make your house look like the paint and flooring choices haven’t been revisited for 30-40 years (think burnt orange shag carpets). What we are saying is, don’t feel like you have to paint your house a color you don’t like just because it’s popular. And don’t be afraid to choose furniture that you absolutely love. Even if you didn’t find it on a list of “Top Choices for 2018.”

But don’t ignore the importance!

Choose your color(s) carefully. Since neutrals give you the freedom to swap out the furniture later, they can be a great option. Keep in mind you may want to avoid wall colors that clash with the walls in other parts of your home.

Neutral tone colors with textures

If you’re despairing because your walls are hopelessly uneven or the sheetrock seams are visible, don’t worry. Consider textured wallpaper or textured paint to help hide the problem. Looking for more color inspiration? Check out these ideas.

Put extra thought into saving space

You’ve been living in your mobile home quite a while. Consequently, you’re well aware that mobile home living rooms are subject to some space restrictions. Vaulted ceilings and lots of wasted floor space? Unlikely in a mobile home.

Saving space without having to make more

However, the lack of space doesn’t mean your newly remodeled living room has to be cramped. Solve your problem by incorporating space-saving ideas right into your design. If you’re planning for a TV, mount it on a wall. That way you don’t take up valuable floor space with an enormous TV cabinet.

In addition to a mounted TV, you might want to select your furniture with an eye to storage space. In other words, choose end tables and ottomans that can double as a place for storing books, throws, kids toys, and anything else that would otherwise be cluttering up your living room. A leather-covered or fabric-covered ottoman that’s actually a chest provides great storage. And select a small chest of drawers instead of an end table.

Furthermore, when you’re picking out furniture, go for a couch that conceals a pull-out bed. That way your mobile home living room can double as a bedroom. Around the holidays or any other time you need to have company stay overnight, this will be very useful.

Engineer your conversation area with conversation in mind

Living room with beige leather sofas

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but it is something you could totally neglect in your planning. You want the gorgeous new living room in your mobile home to be a hub of activity and enjoyment. If you’re having friends over, you want people to be able to sit and chat comfortably. Therefore, design the room with ease of communication in mind

A U-shaped conversation area is one option. With this layout, your guests can comfortably see each other and enjoy great conversation without screaming across the room.

However, remember that you want your remodeled living room to fit with your lifestyle. If you generally don’t have large groups over, then maybe you’d love to separate the living room into two areas. In one section place a couch and chair for you and a couple friends to chat. And at the other end of the room, stick a chair or two by your favorite bookshelf for cozy hours of solitary reading.

Bottom line, if you think you know exactly what you’ll be using the room for, design it with that end in mind. For more conversation area ideas, check out House Plan Helper’s thoughts here.

The end result should be “comfort”

No matter why you decided to remodel your living room, you’re looking forward to enjoying the new look. Now that you’re armed with plans to lean into your own style preferences and thoughts on how to maximize your space, go turn that living room your favorite room in the house!

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