Tips For Remodeling Your Mobile Home Bathroom

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Let’s face it, the bathroom may not be the most popular or fun room in the house. Still, no matter what you’re up to on a given day, you’re going to end up spending some time in your mobile home’s bathroom. You may have days that you’re on your feet the whole time and don’t get a minute to relax in the living room. Similarly, there are days when snatching something out of the refrigerator on your way out the door is all you do in the kitchen. And if you’ve ever let the laundry pile up for a few days, you know the laundry room can sit unused, too.

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However, the bathroom is a different story. It’s actually pretty vital in your life and pretty useful in your mobile home. Maybe you never thought of it this way, but you do use it daily. So you see it daily, and if it’s in shambles, it just might be dragging you down.

The bathroom’s current, sad state

Limp curtains, chipped tiles, broken grout, peeling linoleum, a sink that drips constantly…These are just a few of the things that might be coming to your mind as you picture your bathroom. Happily, this does not have to be your bathroom’s legacy. Time to stop just thinking about the problems and start doing something about them!  

That’s where our tips for remodeling your mobile home bathroom come in. We’re here to help you get started on making the time you spend in your bathroom, more pleasant. Since you and the whole family use this room daily, it’s worth it to spruce up the place. We’re not saying it has to become your favorite room in the house. We just think it deserves a second chance.

Different needs, different options

It could be that your mobile home’s bathroom just needs a “facelift”. Or maybe it’s time to tear everything out and start fresh. You can do as much or as little as your particular situation calls for. Either way, let’s dive into our tips for a great bathroom makeover.

Don’t break the bank

It is, after all, a bathroom. Consequently, we know you’re probably not planning to spend your entire annual budget on the renovation. So, here are some ways you can keep your spending reasonable.

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Skip the brand-new stuff

Who says you have to have everything brand-spanking new for a renovation? If you can find it second-hand but still in good form, go for it! Then use the money you save here to plow back into the re-do elsewhere. Check out online auction sites for things like faucets, cabinets, and sinks. Keep an eye out there to snag light fixtures, too.

Don’t over-decorate

Yes, you want your bathroom to be beautiful. Yet that doesn’t mean it has to be filled with decor. Help yourself keep expenses down and the room clutter-free by not going on a decor shopping spree. Choose a few key decor items and choose carefully.

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Start out by making sure there’s harmony between your shower curtain and the towels you hang. They don’t necessarily have to be the same color, but you don’t want them to clash. Now, carefully choose a few things to add. Maybe select a wall hanging or a decorative vase.

Also, don’t feel like you have to buy your decor brand-new. Just like some of your fixtures can be found second-hand, so can the things you use to beautify the place. A used home furnishings store should be a help here. Even a thrift store is a great place to check as long as you’re picky about what you buy. No need to introduce junk to your newly remodeled mobile home bathroom.

Optimize your space

Maybe you’re struggling to fit everything in your bathroom while still having room to turn around. Or you just feel like the tub or toilet should be here instead of there or there instead of here. You wish you could play musical chairs with bathroom elements like the tub, toilet, and sink. You can’t think of any creative ways to either get more space in the bathroom or to move things where you think they ought to be. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

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Try a pedestal sink

Really short on space? A pedestal sink might give you the feeling that you’ve opened up a bit more room. Of course, you’ll lose the storage space if you had a cupboard under your sink. However, it might be well worth it. Plus, you can always move some of that stuff into storage over the toilet.

Corner tub or no tub at all

If you’re just dying to switch things up, a corner tub is something to consider. If you could make it happen in your bathroom layout, you might find it to be a fun switch. It could be an element that makes you feel like you really changed up the place.

Furthermore, if being short on space is really getting you down, consider totally ditching the tub. Install a walk-in shower instead.

Your new favorite room, perhaps?

Get ready to create a room you’re going to enjoy performing your morning routine in. Remodeling your mobile home bathroom can give you a beautiful place to get a fresh start each day. In fact, you might find you just don’t want to come out of the bathroom after this!


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