Rehabbing Mobile Homes | 4 Success Stories For Inspiration

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It’s surprising what a little TLC can do for a mobile home. Rehabbing mobile homes has become so popular these days that the before and after photos can be shocking.  When it comes down to it, you’d be surprised how many people have successfully renovated their own mobile homes or completed a rehab to flip the home — adding money to their pocket and value to a community. 

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Whether you seek to flip a mobile home for profit or just want to give yours a makeover, you need to see these examples. Check out the successful rehabs below!

Rehabbing mobile homes: Works of heart

Patricia Pacheco: Drab to fab

Patricia chose to take the old dark drab motif and bring new light by incorporating a white and silver color scheme. She pairs this with some simple lighting fixtures as well to make the place feel so much more open! New appliances in the kitchen and some light countertops bring the old outdated look up to the modern day. 

To continue her new light color scheme she paired furniture and accent pieces to carry the theme through every room. Notice the strong geometric elements that she used in the living room and bathroom! In addition to her use of furniture and fixtures in white and silver, she pulled it all together by using the band of white and silver paint in the dining room, living room and even bathroom. A personal touch that adds a lot of oomph!

Patricia and her husband completed this remodel on their thirty-year-old mobile home while working full time. From outdated and icky to chic and beautiful within a year. This impressive feat was certainly well worth their effort!

Charlie and Lesna Maxwell: Innovation is key

You would think these two were professionals at rehabbing mobile homes when you take a look at this spectacular turn around. They worked tirelessly to update and modernize this 1970’s mobile taking it down to bare bones and building it back up all the while keeping the integrity of the original frame and location. 

The carpet was removed from this mobile home and replaced by beautiful wood laminate that just refreshed the space and opened up the rooms. Creativity went to work in using flooring to liven up the ceiling space. They used dark floorboards to match the cabinets and cover up support beams. Discounted cabinets that were stained by the couple themselves work magic in the kitchen. Using wall sconces instead of table lamps adds additional space to this mobile home. 

A little extra TLC went into this home in that they did some rewiring. This was a necessary move for them, but not the case in many or even most mobile home remodels. The couple wanted to improve the space of the master bedroom, and what a difference was made!

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Kirk Montgomery: Overhaul!

While a lot of work went into this one, Kirk kept the retro vibe alive in this 1968 mobile home. Rehabbing this mobile home included new windows, floors, paint, backsplash, light fixtures, and appliances. The end result is a totally resurrected home. It’s hard to believe the home dates back to the 1960s but if you’re paying attention you can still see a nod to the style and fun of its heyday. 

Kirk said goodbye to the blinds and ugly wood paneling and hello to some fresh light colors on the new smooth wall surface and, let there be light! By uncovering those windows it makes the space feel bigger! He kept the cabinets and their hardware but with a new coat of paint, you almost feel like it’s all brand new. That hardware holds onto that retro vibe and just makes the space so unique. 

The gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen brings a modern touch to this mobile and just pairs so beautifully with the new stainless steel appliances. The stainless steel continues into the bathroom that takes the word industrial to a whole new level. This quirky stylized look truly makes this mobile home unique! 

Kim Thompson: Mod mobile

Rehabbing the mobile home here was a big investment, but we had to include it because this space in California’s Bay Area is unheard of for the cost. Kim put $80,000 into completely revamping every part to make her “mod mobile.” However, California housing costs can run upwards of $250 thousand to over a million dollars with high property taxes to boot. When put into perspective, you cannot dismiss this spectacular rehab! 

Outdated and worn carpets came out and were replaced with cork floorboards here. Beautiful tile work went into the bathroom. New appliances were brought in. Additionally, new shelving and cabinets and Corian countertops all bring this home to life. 

The owner here obviously had a taste for interior decorating and it shows in the final reveal photos. Rehabbing a mobile home to the degree that this was taken could seem like a lot, but considering all that she did it’s incredible. This amount of modernization for the cost of the remodel and living expenses in her area makes mobile home ownership in this case enviable. 

Be inspired

Start small and work your way towards a total rehab. Go one room at a time. Starting with the room that’s most important to you will help you with momentum. A lot of people spend the most amount of time in their living room. Follow simple tips to improve the space and decide where you want to head from there. 

Remodel is a term that can be terrifying, but hopefully, you found some inspiration in these remarkable mobile home stories. Rehabbing mobile homes can be an opportunity to flex your creative muscle and try something new. Just because a home is a fixer-upper doesn’t mean it can’t shine like these! Never underestimate the power of plaster, paint and passionate creativity! 

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