Thank you for submitting your home’s information with our site.  We are currently comparing the characteristics of your home with similar homes we’ve sold in the past.  This process will allow us to come up with a range offer amount that will be emailed to you in roughly 10 minutes.  Please check your spam account if you don’t see it shortly.

If you are interested in this offer you will be prompted to upload exterior and interior pictures of the home.   If you do not have the pictures at this time, please save the email so you can upload them at a future date.  In the meantime, we are here if you have questions or would like to start the sales process immediately.  Fee free to call the agent that is listed on the email and they would be happy to help you.

We can help in a variety of situations

No matter what your reasons are for selling we can help!  We provide fast relief for those who need it, but we are also very patient.  There is no rush if the situation doesn’t call for it.  We have just as many people who come back to us months down the road as we do those who need our immediate help.  No matter what your needs are… we’d be happy to be of service to you.

Often times, home owners can feel deflated and frustrated when trying to sell a mobile home.  This is common amongst the thousands of people we have served across the continental United States.  Every day sellers like you come to our site for answers.  Our goal is to give those answers, whether we purchase your home or not.  We truly want to be of service to you one way or another.   Feel free to give us a call or email us back with any questions you have about our email offer or our process.  We’d be happy to help!

Your initial range offer is on its way!

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